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The right side was rebuilt following the same process as the left side.

The one unusual thing to note was that the factory had cut the 'L' section off from the rear seat panel where it welds to the rocker and inner B-pillar. Then they welded in a folded piece of steel in the corner, which you can see in the second picture. Obviously the rear seat panel did not line-up so they patched it. When I fixed this area I just extended the rear seat panel by welding in a proper fitting piece. I think it turned out pretty well.

Here are a few pictures of the right side B-pillar all together. I had a big problem with the new outer wheel arch. It just didn't fit right. The upper part of it (upside down in the last picture) was not broad enough. I had to increase the width a 1/4" by bending the inner lip flat and bending it back so that it was only 1/4" tall instead of 1/2" tall. Because of this I did not have enough material left for my spotwelder get clamp on. So I had to weld the outer wheel arch to the inner with my mig. I didn't feel to bad about it since the factory had filled most of the joint with braze. So in the end it looked pretty much the way the factory left it.

Before the right inner rocker went on, the inner crossmember had to be installed. The inner crossmember could not be installed otherwise. One important thing to note is that the emergency brake bracket with two welded nuts needed to be welded to the inner crossmember before the crossmember is welded in. The first picture shows the bracket freshly welded to the crossmember. The bracket's location was marked with the crossmember in place. Then the crossmember was removed to spotweld the bracket in place. Once the crossmember was installed the other side of the bracket was spotwelded to the transmission tunnel, which you can see in the last picture. As you can also see from the picture the front section of the transmission tunnel was hacked up. This was a present left by a "mechanic" in an attempt to replace the clutch. I ordered a new section to replace it, but I had not received it in time.

With the crossmember installed I spotwelded the inner rocker in place. Then I installed the inner gussets. I'm thinking that I will leave the dimples left by spotwelding the rear gusset in place at the rear close panel (last picture), so that it will have an original factory appearance.

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