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Project Work Blog

4/18/2018 Rick Monture sent me an e-mail asking if I was interested in the car. He saw my ad on PantherPink.com

8/4/2018 Purchased the car and brought it home from Oskewen, Ontario.

8/16/2018 Ordered used rear frame rails from Tony's Parts.

8/22/2018 Frame rails arrived

11/30/2019 Put car in garage

4/30/2020 Removed RH fender, wiper motor

5/5/2020 Pulled heater box

5/6/2020 Removed LH front fender and front bumper

5/7/2020 Pulled steering column, unbolted pedal support

5/9/2020 Removed top frame, cut out front floors

5/11/2020 Ordered floor sheetmetal, cut out floors at footwell exposing framerails

5/11/2020 Cut out rear under seat pan and unbolted rear leaf springs

5/18/2020 removed doors

5/22/2020 Sheetmetal order came in

5/27/2020 Removed K-frame and rear axle

5/20/2020 Cleaned up front frame clip. Removed front clip on car

6/3/2020 Cut out inner rockers and remainder of rear frame rails

6/10/2020 Cleaned up RH frame rail

6/11/2020 Finished cleaned up RH frame rail

6/13/2020 Removed upper control arms from clip. Cleaned up LH frame rail. Trimmed rear sections on inner rocker panels.

6/27/2020 Touched up sandblast on front rails and rad support. Then primed them gray green epoxy DP40LF

7/6/2020 Primed rear frame rails

7/8/2020 Dismantled front suspension on K-frame

7/10/2020 Steve Dexter sandblasted body

7/13/2020 Primed firewall and rockers

7/14/2020 Prepared convertible well and tail panel for priming

7/15/2020 Primed convertible well and tail panel

removed inner wheel houses

trimmed new RH inner wheel house

fit RH inner rocker

fit LH inner rocker

installed patch in RH upper cowl

installed patch in RH grill panel/valance?

installed patch in RH front side panel

installed patch in RH firewall

installed RH firewall (?) extension

started welding in patch in LH front side panel

welded in patch at LH front firewall top

Finished repair at LH top firewall

Welded patch at bottom LH firewall

Welded base together

welded cross pieces to jig bottom

11/2/2020 Welded uprights to jig base

11/4/2020 Leveled jig

11/4/2020 Fit rear trunk and rear seat floor panels to frame on jig

11/11/2020 Lowered body to frames on jig

11/14/2020 Aligned frame to upper body

11/14/2020 Installed doors and front fenders to align front sheetmetal and welded front frame in place

11/16/2020 repaired radiator support

11/17/2020 repaired radiator support part 2

11/18/2020 welded in radiator support

11/18/2020 welded in RH inner fender

11/19/2020 welded in LH inner fender

11/20/2020 ground down spot welds on inner fenders

11/21/2020 started repairing RH rear frame rail

11/23/2020 continued repairs on RH rear framerail

11/25/2020 finished repairing RH rear frame rail

11/28/2020 Welded rear frame rails together and to body

11/29/2020 Welded in rear crossmember

11/30/2020 Welded in trunk pan

12/5/2020 Welded in rear seat pan

12/6/2020 Sandblasted inner seatbelt brackets, welded in front seat braces at rockers

12/7/2020 Trial fitted front pan and marked for holes. Drilled holes

12/12/2020 Made speedo cable clip, welded to front pan

12/12/2020 DA'd underside of pan welded in seatbelt brackets, filled in unwanted holes, added required holes

12/12/2020 Acid soaked ebrake cable bracket

12/12/2020 Sandblasted and welded ebrake bracket to pan

12/17/2020 Installed front floor pan, welded in except at rockers and front pinchweld

12/18/2020 Removed inboard bracekts welded to floor. Cut out tail panel, cleaned up replacement tail panel

12/19/2020 Repaired new tail panel. Welded in tail panel

Welded in RH inner/outer wheel house

Repairedv RH wheel house cap (3 days)

Repaired RH B-pillar

Made LH inner/outer wheel houses

Welded in LH inner/outer wheel house

Repaired LH wheel house cap (2 days)

Fixed tare in LH rear inner panel

Repaired LH B-pillar

fix RH B-pillar area

tackc weld bootm LH B-pillar

clean up welds top of RH wheelhuose cap

fix hole LH kickpanel area

installed repair sections in conv well corners, corrected trunklid opening corners at reaer filler panel

2/20/2021 sandblasted outside areas of rear quarter area

2/21/2021 Primed reaer quarter inner structure

3/11/2021 Fixed holes in RH A-pillar

3/13/2021 Put body on rotisserie

3/20/2021 Dressed welds on underside, primed areas where torque boxes go

3/23/2021 welded in torque boxes

3/25/2021 Cut out RH drop off and started fitting new one

3/26/2021 Finished install of new RH trunk drop off

3/27/2021 Finished install of LH trunk drop off. welded in LH quarter at rocker.

3/29/2021 Fixed LH A-pillar and small holes on LH rocker

3/30/2021 Fixed hole in windshield opening on RH A-pillar

3/11/2021 Fixed hole in windshield opening on LH A-pillar

4/1/2021 Stared sanding inside floors

4/3/2021 Finished sanding inside floors. Completed filler work on inside

4/6/2021 Completed filler work inside trunk

4/7/2021 Prepped pitted areas for highbuild primer

4/8/2021 Applied highbuild primer to underside and lower firewall

4/10/2021 Sanded frame rails and firewall

4/12/2021 Finished sanding engine compartment and radiator support

4/13/2021 Started filler work on top of RH quarter panel

4/14/2021 Continued filler work on top of quarters and dutchman panel

4/15/2021 Completed filler work on top of quarters and dutchman

4/17/2021 Completed most of the filler work on sides of the quarter panels.

4/19/2021 Minor touch up work on filler.

4/20/2021 Minor touch up work on filler.

4/21/2021 Finished fully touch up spots on outside of shell. Detailed underside of wheelhouses.

4/22/2021 Finished filler work and sanding on the shell. Started cleaning

4/24/2021 Masked and primed underside (4 cups SPI epoxy primer)

4/26/2021 Masked and primed inside (3 cups SPI epoxy primer

4/27/2021 Started masking inside off

4/28/2021 Finished masking off for exterior priming

4/29/2021 Primed exterior and battery tray related items

5/1/2021 Seam sealed the body, started sanding underside

5/3/2021 Started sanding underside

5/4/2021 Continued sanding underside

5/5/2021 Continued sanding underside

5/6/2021 finished sanding underside and masker perimeter

5/8/2021 masked and primed underside

5/9/2021 Painted underside

5/12/2021 Took car off rotisserie

5/13/2021 Started repair work on RH door

5/15/2021 Completed filler work on RH door

5/17/2021 Started metal repair work on LH door

5/18/2021 Continued metal repair work on LH door

5/19/2021 Trial fitted LH door and LH fender

5/20/2021 Started filler work on LH door

5/21/2021 Finished filler work on outside of LH door and most of LH fender

5/22/2021 Finisher repairs on LH fender. Primed LH fender and doors

5/23/2021 Hung doors and LH fender. Started repairs on RH fender

5/24/2021 Continues repairs on RH fender

5/25/2021 Continues repairs on RH fender

5/26/2021 Finished repairs on RH fender. Primed RH fender and front panels

5/29/2021 Installed RH fender and front panels. Started stripping paint on trunklid & hood

6/1/2021 Finished stripping paint on trunklid

6/2/2021 Sandblasted underside of trunklid

6/3/2021 Finished stripping paint on top of hood

6/5/2021 Acid washed, fixed dents and primed trunklid

6/6/2021 Stared work on underside of hood

6/7/2021 Continued work on underside of hood

6/8/2021 Primed and applies slick sand to underside of hood

6/10/2021 Started blocks sanding car and filling in minor defects.

6/13/2021 Continued block sanding and fixed door gaps

6/14/2021 Continued block sanding and fixing trunk lid gaps.

6/15/2021 Continued block sanding and fixing trunk lid gaps.

6/29/2021 Started masking car

6/30/2021 Continued to mask car

7/1/2021 Completed masking. Sprayed DP40LF, mixed as a sealer

7/2/2021 Applied slicksand and guide coat

7/3/2021 Started blocking car

7/7/2021 Continued blocking car

7/9/2021 Completed blocking car and unmasked it

7/12/2021 Sanded inside of trunk

7/14/2021 Started sanding inside of car

7/15/2021 Finished sanding inside of car

7/16/2021 Started sanding engine compartment

7/17/2021 Finished sanding engine compartment

7/20/2021 Sanded front of radiator support

7/31/2021 sandblasted and primed trunk springs, fender washers. Cut sections of panels with molding holes

8/2/2021 Drilled side molding holes

8/4/2021 Removed doors, masked for seam sealing

8/7/2021 Applied seam sealer and started masking for outside priming

8/9/2021 finished sanding/repairs on quarter extensions and side ornaments. Seam sealed trunk opening

8/11/2021 dressed welds on trunk opening, Finished masking car

8/12/2021 Put outside of car, doors and hood in final primers

8/14/2021 Sanded underside of hood and fixed small defects

8/17/2021 Painted door inside faces white (2033 enamel)

8/22/2021 Masked doors for FM3 basecoat

8/23/2021 Applied sealer (DP40) and basecoat to doors and hood underside.

8/24/2021 Applied clearcoat to doors and hood underside

8/25/2021 Finished masking car for inside painting

8/28/2021 Painted inside of car

8/30/2021 Painted engine compartment and front

9/1/2021 Primed top of trunklid

9/4/2021 Sanded and seam sealed trunklid

9/5/2021 Painted underside of trunklid

9/7/2021 Installed doors

9/8/2021 Cleaned garage

9/9/2021 Started sanding outside of car

9/10/2021 Continued sanding body

9/11/2021 Continued sanding body

9/12/2021 Finished sanding body except for touchup areas

9/13/2021 Finished sanding trunklid and hood, sanded touchup areas

9/15/2021 started masking car

9/16/2021 continued masking car

mask around bottom of car mask hood mask trunklid sand lower grill filler panel strip side markers prime side markers sand RH hood hinge sandblast LH hood hinge prime LH hood hinge

10/8/2021 Painted car, but only clear coated body

10/9/2021 Clear coated remaining parts/panels

10/11/2021 Primed dash and steering column parts (DP90) that need to be painted suede

10/12/2021 Painted dash and steering column parts suede black

10/15/2021 Started sanding car with 1500 paper and 1500 trizact

10/16/2021 Continued sanding car with 1500 paper and 1500 trizact

10/18/2021 Finished sanding car with 1500 paper and 1500 trizact

10/19/2021 Sanded car with 3000 trizact, started sanding with 5000 trizact

10/20/2021 Finished sanding car with 5000 trizact

10/25/2021 Sanded hood & trunklid

10/26/2021 Buffed car (perfect-it 1, 2 &3)

10/27/2021 Buffed hood & trunklid

10/30/2021 Installed and aligned trunklid

11/2/2021 Installed and aligned hood

11/3/2021 Put car on jackstands

11/4/2021 Installed most of the body plugs

11/8/2021 Installed door handles, started to mask radiator support for blackout.

11/9/2021 masked car for blackout, repaired top of dash and masked for repaint

11/10/2021 blacked out front end, repainted top of dash, dismantled heater box

11/11/2021 Masked heater box for sandblasting

11/15/2021 Painted some heater box pieces

11/16/2021 Sandblasted sone heater parts.

11/17/2021 Cleaned and install dash vents, installed rear side markers, clear coated tail light housings

11/18/2021 Installed dash pad and speaker, painted VIN tag

11/20/2021 Sandblasted and paint heater box internal parts and a few dash pieces

11/26/2021 Started assembling the heater box

11/27/2021 Painted headlight brackets and heater box face (SEMS trim black)

11/29/2021 Painted natural steel pedal support pieces using seymour SS paint

11/30/2021 Acid washed 2 headlight buckets and phosphate painted pedal support hardware

12/1/2021 Restored heater box cables and mounting clips

12/2/2021 Cleaned heater box hardware and installed cables. Repainted front cover.

12/4/2021 Finished heater box, finished LH vent, painted pedal support hardware

12/6/2021 Cleaned dash hardware, started attaching things to dash

12/7/2021 Finished cluster assembly, started assembling pedal support

12/8/2021 Installed heater box, LH vent & pedal support

12/9/2021 Installed LH tail lights, collected parts for shipment to Stephan Fournier

12/10/2021 Sent booster out to Power Brake Booster Exchange (expect 4-5 week turnaround)

12/11/2021 Installed RH tail light and trunk letters, fiddle with dash issues

12/13/2021 Sent parts to Stephan Fournier for resto & replating, started fixing dash harness

12/14/2021 Installed dash harness and a few small dash parts