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I painted the car on December 6,2003. It took over 3 quarts of color to cover the whole car. I used a basecoat/clearcoat system. The car was so big that I couldn't clear coat the entire car in one day. What I had to do was to cover the nose and the roof with plastic and clear coat the doors and the back-end of the car on one day and then cover the back-end and clear-coat the front and roof the following day. Here it is on the third day. This car is so big that I can't take a picture of the whole thing while it is in the garage.

Here is a view of the right side. This car was very difficult to paint because of its size. I had to stand on a stack of milkcrates and stretch very far across the roof with the air hose over my shoulder just to reach the center of the roof. I had to balance on one foot and barely could reach the center. I had the same problem with the center of the trunk lid. The good thing about clear coating the car in halves was that I didn't have to worry about bumping into the clear-coated doors while doing the roof.

Here is a view of the rear of the car. Notice that the tail panel is painted white ? This is how the factory treated the rear on Super 88's. If the car was a 98 it would have been painted the main body color and would have received a wide aluminum panel to cover up the area that is pictured in white.

Here are the caps for the doors. I painted them off from the car so that it would be easier to buff the doors. The factory would have painted these panels of the doors as well.

The upper filler panel was also painted off the car. In this picture you can see one of the rear fender skirts. I was lucky enough to get a set of NOS Foxcraft fender skirts for the car. Fender skirts were never installed by the factory. They are aftermarket items. I was lucky enough to get them in time to paint them with the car so that the color matched.