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Here is the timeline of major events during the restoration. It is mostly complete. Some dates are approximated since I was not keeping track of the dates back then.

6/24/1992The Olds arrives at the shop.
engine is started
Body is removed from frame
engine is cleaned and painted
engine components are painted and installed on engine
01/17/93frame is blasted
01/23/93frame is painted
suspension and steering components are blasted and painted
05/09/93suspension and brakes are installed on frame
engine is attached to frame
05/18/93rear quarter repair panels are purchased
body is stripped
undercoat is removed from undercarriage
undercarriage is repaired
LH quarter is repaired
RH quarter is repaired
Rear quarters are primed
07/17/93Undercarriage is undercoated
Dash is removed
Dash components are painted
07/24/93Firewall is stripped and painted
Dash is re-assembled
09/01/93Body is lowered onto frame
--------------- Car remains untouched for almost 10 years -----------
05/01/03Restoration resumes. Doors are removed from car.
05/24/03Hood is stripped and primed
05/31/03Doors are stripped, repaired and primed
05/31/03Door caps and upper valance are stripped and primed
06/07/03NOS fenders are stripped, have minor dings repaired, drilled holes for mouldings and emblems. Then primed
06/10/03Trunklid is stripped and primed
06/14/03Body is removed from frame and installed on rotisserie
06/21/03Rear deck is stripped and repaired
06/23/03Rear deck is primed
06/30/03Roof is stripped and primed
07/01/03RH quarter is stripped and bodywork is redone
07/02/03LH quarter is stripped, bodywork is redone and primed
07/03/03Tailpanel is repaired and primed. RH quarter is primed
07/05/03Trunk is sandblasted
9/6/2003Engine is repainted
9/9/2003Repainted frame with POR15
09/27/03Firewall is painted final body color
10/03/03Undercarriage undercoated
10/04/03Body attached to frame and goes in shop
10/11/03Body and panels cut in with final body color
10/13/03Installed doors
10/14/03Installed trunklid. Installed door latches.
10/15/03Installed trunk latch and weatherseals
10/18/03Repainted dash and interior trim
10/21/03Installed interior firewall and dash components
10/25/03Painted and installed engine compartment firewall parts
11/06/03Assembled grill/nose sheet metal
11/08/03Installed front fenders
11/10/03Installed hood
11/15/03made new trunk underlayment. Installed most of the trunk mats
11/22/03wetsanded car with 400
11/29/03mask car for painting
12/01/03painted tailpanel
12/06/03painted car
12/13/03sanded and buffed car
12/20/03repainted rear quarters
12/21/03sanded and buffed rear quarters
12/22/03installed rear exterior trim
12/23/03installed exterior window trim
12/24/03installed door hardware
12/26/03installed side windows
12/27/03repaired chevrons and cleaned front trim
01/01/04Installed chevrons and LH fender moldings
01/02/04Installed RH fender moldings
01/03/04Installed front inner fenders
01/10/04Installed remainder of trunk material. Painted and installed battery tray
01/24/04sandblasted and primed rims
01/31/04Painted backside of rims, applied headliner material to backer
02/01/04Installed headliner
02/14/04Painted wheels
02/16/04Mounted tires and installed on car. Fixed visors and installed