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Here's a shot of the headliner. The headliner material is a painted foam material, which is glued to a cardboard backer. It is badly deteriorated. I have yet to find a manufacturer of this material.

When I removed the headliner I was suprised to find this body welding checklist. View of side 1 and side 2 (Use the "Back" button in your browser to return).

Here is a view of the shell after it was removed and fully dismantled. It would have been nice to have a car rotisserie at this point. You can see the extensive rust damage to the rear quarter.

Here's the other side. You can see that the thin coat of cheap spray primer didn't protect much for long.

This firewall pictures shows the areas that the factory had undercoated.

This interior picture of the shell shows that the door was fully painted the exterior color while the interior was left in its primered state.

Here's the dismantled dash area. The top color was a special blue paint that was made to resemble vinyl. While the bottom half was painted white.