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This is what the engine looked like after 10 years of abandonment. It still ran good, but it didn't look new anymore. A lot of the hardware had surface rust. Also, the color was also wrong.

The first thing I did was remove the engine from the frame, remove all of the components and sandblast the outside to remove the old paint and any of the light rust that had formed. I then gave it a thin coat of epoxy primer as shown here.

I then repainted it the correct original color that I got from Fusick Automotive. The transmission case also received a coat of cast blast grey.

The chassis had also lost its new look after sitting for 10 years. Instead of fully dismantling it, which I did 10 years before, I decided to paint the whole thing using POR15. This gave it a nice gloss black finish and a much better level of protection than it would have at if I had used regular chassis paint.

Here's the engine back on the frame. I restored all of the engine components again. This time they had correct finishes.

The chassis is now completely redone. It awaits the lowering of the body.