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With the rear quarters done I moved to the firewall. Here it is stripped of all paint. The rusted areas underneath were sandblasted.

The bare metal was orbital sanded and primed. I seamsealed only the areas that were sealed by the factory.

Here it is again all painted the original Blue Mist. I used a basecoat/clearcoat system. It took sometime getting the paint crossmatched.

What saved this car from being a total lost cause was the fact that the entire underbody was undercoated by the dealer. I scraped all of the undercoat and sandblasted the surface rust.

The underside was then primed and painted the original semi-flat black.

I primed the rust-free floorpan with red oxide primed, just like the factory originally did.

Here's the dash in primer just before I painted it.

The dash shown painted here is really starting to look new again. The blue is actually a textured paint. I used a Ditzler Texture additive to get the original texture, however it took me two tries to do it.

Here is the dash fully restored. It looks just like it did in 1959.