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Well its been a long time since I've touched this project. 10 years in fact ! I haven't worked on the project since September 1993. That should suprise many of you people who've been here before. Since then I built my own home, restored a 1969 Firebird Convertible and restored a 1969 Mustang Sportsroof.

You might ask why I've taken so long. Especially since I restored 2 other cars before finishing this one. Mostly its been parts. The front fenders to the Olds were rusted beyond repair. I've been looking for suitable replacements for some time. I was able to get an NOS RH fender on e-bay about 3 years ago for $175 and I got an NOS LH fender last summer for $375. The car still needs good bumpers, but that won't prevent me from getting the car painted.

I'm afraid to say that time has taken its toll on my beautiful partially restored project. It has spent the first 8 years of the 10 in garage storage and the last 2 years outside covered up. Unfortunately, even covered-up mother nature are taken its toll here in Vermont. My once detailed engine compartment is showing signs of rust on all natural colored parts. But things are about to change.

Work has begun again. The new front fenders, doors, hood, trunklid and upper valance panel are all in final primer and are ready to paint. I have decided to tare the shell apart again and redo some of my work. The shell is on a rotiserie as you can see in this picture. I have located a quart of the correct Aqua engine paint and will be repainting the engine. I expect to have the car ready for paint by the end of July 2003. I will be posting pictures as a go along. This car will be for sale when completed, so put your bids in now !