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Miscellaneous Items

I was able to find a really nice used SS hood latch setup on ebay. I bead-blasted them and phosphated them using phosphating solution from Palmetto Enterprises. That stuff works just great. It will ruin your pot though....

Here's a part that is often missing. It is a dust shield, which is supposed to keep the dust from contaminating the firewall wiring connections. Camaro Specialties hand makes their own version of this as it is not reproduced anywhere's else. I borrowed the picture of one installed from a web forum. I hope the owner doesn't mind....

I have a set of the rally style hubcaps that I wanted top put on the car, but they are too pitted and scratched to put on a nice car. For now I got a set of rally wheels from Camaro Specialties. They are stamped XN, which is the code for rally wheels for drum brake cars in 1968.

I had no luck locating the correct trim rings and bought the new 67 repos that just came on the market. Original trim rings were notorious for falling off. The repos have much stronger clips, which makes them hard to install. I actually had to deflate the tires and rubber mallet them on. In the above pictures the black clips are what the originals look like. The shiny (stainless steel) ones are the repos. The fourth pictures shows the repo one installed after the tire was inflated.

The center hubs are really nice repos and the center emblems are NOS ones that came with the car.

The horn for RS cars are mounted on the center support bracket. Non-RS are mounted on the radiator support.

Here are two clips that are not reproduced. Don't bother with repos, they aren't correct.

The one on the left is the Muncie speedometer cable clip. LA cars have 2, the rest have 3. They are only used on 4-speed cars and some Firebirds, so they are hard to find.

The one on the right is a clamp for the left front brake line (short line). The repo kits dopn't supply this one. It is longer than the others and uses a much short screw.