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Finishing the Interior

The wire covers that go along the inside of the rockers are wider (painted above) then the coupes (unpainted above) as the convertibles have wider rocker panels due ot the extra reinforcement needed for the body.

The carpets, I bought directly fromAUto Custom Carpets (AAC). It's good to see that they are starting to put the correct dark blue vinyl trim on them.

The rear carpets go in first. I usually pokes all the holes in them with screwdrivers to get them all aligned, then I come back with a hot soldering iron to burn the holes to the correct size.

I was lucky enought to locate a nice original set of front set belts from another 67 Camaro on ebay. Once thing to note is the seatbelt retractors are a very dark blue, but the inner seatbelts are brighter blue.

I sent all of my chrome out to Pau's chrome.

The metal track was sandblatest and painted with Seymour's stainless steel paint.The vent windows were put together with new seals. I decided to leave the originl NHRA decal on the RH vent window, which is the only reminder of what the car's history was.

The doors when together quickly. The latches were repo and looked great. I had to replace the driver's side window regulator as it wasn't for a deluxe interior car. The window crank post is taller on deluxe interior cars.

The door panels were made by Al Knock. I sent the lower carpet sections, which came with the ACC carpets, to Al Knock to install. The trim along the carpet on the door is supposed to be dasrk blue. All the big repo places use trim that is the same color as the door panel, which is not correct, and in my opinion stick right out as they don't match the carpets.

Trim along the armrest is repo, which are pretty nice. The emblem is NOS. I found measurements on a webforum that told me were they were located as the original panels were tossed back in early 70's.

I was able to find a great set of window cranks from a 1967 Impala on ebay. The problem was, is that the metal part of the cranks are incorrect for deluxe interior Camaros. They make halfway decent repo cranks. I found an article on a Corvette forum the explained how to replace the knobs. You basically drill out the old rivets and press new rivetes into the knob. The trick is to use the correct sized rivet and drill bit as wells as not pressing the rivet in too deep.

The seat covers also came from Al Knock. I wasn't luck enough to get the correct rear seat belts, but I did get my hands on some NOS ones for a 69. So I used those.

It took me some time to locate a good used lower seat frame for a convertible. The one I had was pretty rotten from setting outside for a couple years.

In 1967 the front seat track bolts are covered by the carpet. It took a little bit of research to figure out how the factory cut the carpet. What I did was to place the seat and used some pick tools to locate the track bolt holes. I then mapped out the edges of the track feet with tape. After taking these seats out I marked the long cut line with tape, and then cut the carpet. The front carpet doesn't get cut. It jsut lays on top of the front seat bolts.

I spent a lot of money to get the correct console with the correct PA coded guage pod. I sent the pod housing and the upper console piece off to Paul's Chrome as the defects in the chrome really stood out.

Once the parts were back from the Paul's I painted everthing and put it back together. It should be noted that the inside of the console is supposed to be flocked. It's pretty easy to do. I masked off the opening and sprayed the inside with black paint (instead of using glue). I poured a bag of flocking inside and taped the carpetment closed (not lid was installed). I then shook the heack out of it and left it to dry for a day. Then I just blew out the flocking that didn't stick. Came out super.

The last touch before installing the console was to attach the seat belt clips on the sides of the console. The factory added these around March on 1967.

4-speed shift plates are easy to find in NOS condition so I didn't bother using a repo or rechroming an original.

In the last picture, the interior is 100% done. I didn't remove the film from the sill plates yet as they would most likely get all scratched up getting the car finished.