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Project Work Blog

5/3/2016 Bought car

9/30/2017 Welded in cross braces (door opening)

9/30/2017 Put Car on rotisserie

10/19/2017 Cut out rear quarter panels, rear seat support and floor braces (that someone added)

11/11/2017 Removed Dash, removed metal from trunk dropoffs Welded-up small holes in firewall - mostly at heater opening,Repaired big center hole in firewall

12/13/2017 Stephen Dexter sandblasted shell - 7 hours (in 2 days)

12/30/2017 Moved car to workshop side of garage

1/1/2018 Put rear of shell up on milkcrates

1/5/2018 Started cutting out trunk pan

1/6/2018 Finished cutting out trunk pan

1/10/2018 Welded in rear floor section at RH rear seat belt mount location

1/11/2018 Welded in rear floor section at LH rear seat belt mount location

1/13/2018 Finished welding in rear floor sections at rear seat belt mount locations and dressed wells.

1/15/2018 Trimmed and fitted trunk pan

1/16/2018 Started welding in trunk pan

1/20/2018 Continued welding in trunk pan. Started dress welds

1/22/2018 Dressed a few welds by the tail panel

1/29/2018 Finished dressing wells by tail panel

1/30/2018 Welded in RH rear bumper brace in trunk

1/31/2018 Welded in LH rear bumper brace & LH shaker bracket in trunk

2/1/2018 Welded in RH shacker backet and welded trunk pan to frame rails at wheel wells.

2/6/2018 Cut out LH wheel house.

2/7/2018 Fit new LH wheel house pieces

2/10/2018 Welded in LH Wheel house

2/11/2018 Started repair on RH wheel house support

2/12/2018 Welded in upper portion of RH quarter inner brace

2/13/2018 Fabricated lower portion of RH quarter inner brace

2/14/2018 Completed welding in RH quarter inner brace

2/15/2018 Cut out RH wheel house.

2/17/2018 Fitted RH wheel house

2/19/2018 Welded in RH wheel house

2/20/2018 Trimmed and fitted RH quarter panel

2/22/2018 Fixed 2 holes in trunk. Trimmed RH rocker panel

2/23/2018 Finished repair on RH rocker panel. Extended RH outer wheel house to fit to rocker.

2/24/2018 Finished repair on LH rocker panel. Extended LH outer wheel house to fit to rocker.

2/26/2018 Dressed welds on LH wheel house area.

2/27/2018 Welded in missing LH shaker nut. Transferred conv top motor mount brackets to trunk floor.

3/1/2018 made rear seat brace wheel house plates

3/2/2018 Repaired read seat brace trunk panel

3/3/2018 Welded in rear upper shock mounts, started installing rear seat brace

3/5/2018 Started welding in rear seat brace

3/6/2018 Almost finished welding in rear seat brace

3/7/2018 Finished welding in rear seat brace and spare tire hold-down

3/8/2018 Fixed holes in tail panel

3/10/2018 Detailed trunk for priming. Masked off rear of car.

3/11/2018 Primed trunk area

3/12/2018 Fitted and made modifications to RH quarter skin

3/13/2018 Started welding in RH quarter panel.

3/14/2018 Continued welding in RH quarter panel.

3/15/2018 Ground down welds and welded up pin holes in RH quarter panel

3/17/2018 Finished welding and grinding on RH quarter panel. Completed filler work on panel. Have just jamb on top to fix before putting in primer.

3/19/2018 Started filler work on top of quarter. Welded holes in RH rocker.

3/20/2018 Finished filler work on top of quarter. Started filler work on RH rocker.

3/21/2018 Masked right side for priming.

3/22/2018 Primed RH quarter and rocker. Back primed LH quarter panel.

3/24/2018 Fitted LH quarter panel. Started buttwelding it into place

3/27/2018 Continued buttwelding LH quarter into place.

3/28/2018 Continued buttwelding LH quarter into place.

3/29/2018 Finished buttwelding LH quarter into place and ground down welds.

3/30/2018 Almost finished filler work on LH quarter panel.

4/2/2018 Finished filler work on face of LH quarter and rocker. Top of quarter almost done.

4/3/2018 Finished filler work on top of LH quarter. Started filler work on tail panel.

4/4/2018 Welded in trunk latch support. Continued tail panel filler work

4/5/2018 Finished filler work on tail panel. Started masking car.

4/7/2018 Primed tail panel, LH quarter and rocker panel.

4/9/2018 Connected rear to rotisserie. Started working on firewall.

4/10/2018 Continued welding up holes in firewall.

4/11/2018 Continued welding up holes in firewall.

4/12/2018 Continued welding up holes in firewall.

4/14/2018 Finished welding firewall holes. Started fixing LH toepan area

4/16/2018 Worked on LH toepan area

4/17/2018 Worked on LH toepan area

4/18/2018 Worked on LH toepan area

4/19/2018 Pulled jambs out of convertible floor reinforements.

4/21/2018 Fixed console area and RH toepan.

4/23/2018 Fixed damage in floor from roll bar ar LH rear rocker

4/24/2018 Ground down some welds on floorpan

4/25/2018 Fixed cutouts in lower seat reinforcements

4/26/2018 Cleaned welds on RH side of floor pan

4/28/2018 Cleaned up welds on floor pan

4/30/2018 Started fixing rust on lip at LH rocker panel

5/1/2018 Finished repair on LH rocker.

5/2/2018 Started filler work on underside of floors

5/5/2018 Continued filler work on floors

5/8/2018 Continued filler work on floors

5/12/2018 Primed undercarriage

5/14/2018 Started fitting dash

5/15/2018 Detailed inside floors and firewall

5/16/2018 Fit defrost duct to dash. Masked-off interior for priming

5/17/2018 Primed inside and underside of upper dash panel

5/20/2018 Weld in bottom portion of dash

5/21/2018 Finished welding in dash

5/22/2018 Detailed firewall

5/23/2018 Primed dash and firewall - bodywork now complete on shell

6/15/2018 Went to Camaro Specialties to buy front end sheetmetal

7/6/2018 Installed nose components

9/27/2018 Steven Dexter picked up the sheetmetal for sandblasting.

10/3/2018 Started repair on LH door (bottom left)

10/4/2018 Continued repair on LH door (bottom left)

10/10/2018 Finished metal repairs on LH door. Door fitted to car.

10/15/2018 Trimmed edge of LH door for better gaps

10/16/2018 Welded edge of LH door to improve gaps

10/17/2018 Removed LH door and started filler work

10/18/2018 Continued filler work on LH door

10/19/2018 Sheetmetal came back from sandblasting

10/20/2018 Completed major filler work on LH door

10/22/2018 Started filler work on RH door

10/23/2018 Continued filler work on RH door

10/24/2018 Completed major filler work on RH door

10/25/2018 Prepared parts for priming

10/27/2018 Primed parts (doors, upper filler, upper valance, front fender lower extensions). 2 cups DP50LF mixed.

10/29/2018 Installed doors

10/30/2018 Fixed holes in RH inner fender. Prepared for priming

10/31/2018 Started working on radiator support.

11/3/2018 Primed radiator support and inner fenders. Started working on front lower valance.

11/7/2018 Continues working on the front lower valance. Installed and aligned trunklid to check alignment prior to repair.

11/8/2018 Continues working on the front lower valance.

11/12/2018 Repaired trunklid underside at emblems.

11/13/2018 Ground down welds on trunklid underside at emblem holes

11/14/2018 Welded patch on LH front fender

11/15/2018 Finished welding on LH fender

11/17/2018 Add RS bracket to LH fender, started filler work on LH fender, primed lower RS valance

11/18/2018 Finished LH fender filler work and primed it.

11/23/2018 Started repair work on RH fender

11/24/2018 Continued repair work on RH fender and trunk lid

11/26/2018 Welded new bottom section to RH fender

11/27/2018 Cleaned welds on new bottom section on RH fender

12/1/2018 Primed RH fender, continued patching trunklid.

12/2/2018 Finished converting trunklid to 1967 style. Ready for filler work.

12/3/2018 Started filler work on trunklid

12/4/2018 Assembled nose.Finished fillerwork on trunklid

12/5/2018 Primed trunklid

12/6/2018 Installed trunklid.

12/7/2018 Repaired hood and started filler work.

12/11/2018 Continued filler work on hood.

12/12/2018 Continued filler work on hood. Started drilling fender emblem holes.

12/13/2018 Completed filler work on hood.

12/15/2018 Sanded underside of hood. Primed top of hood. Drilled RH fender emblem holes.

12/17/2018 Fixed holes on underside of hood

12/17/2018 Primed underside of hood

12/23/2018 Installed hood and aligned. Sanded car with 180 on DA. Started masking car

12/26/2018 Finished masking car, primed car with SlickSand then guide coat

12/28/2018 Started block sanding car

12/29/2018 Continued block sanding car. All done except for rockers and tailpanel

12/31/2018 Finished block sanding car. Trunklid needs another coat.

1/1/2019 Sanded upper door and upper interior quarter areas that will be blue

1/3/2019 Removed and sanded lower valance panel

1/5/2019 Apply SlickSand to trunk lid, lower valance and interior areas. Mostly dismantled subframe mounted components.

1/7/2019 Block sanded trunklid again.

1/8/2019 Block sanded rest of touched up body panels. Unmasked car and sanded cut-lines

1/9/2019 Sanded upper wiper/grill panel, started sanding lower valance.

1/12/2019 Finish sanding lower valance, finish sanding b-pillars

1/14/2019 Preped intake and heads for delivery to mahcine shop

1/21/2019 Drill holes on inside of LH fender for headlight relay mtg bracket. Dismantled nose. Also removed trunklid.

1/23/2019 Dropped heads and intake off at VT Engine Repair, started masking shell.

1/24/2019 Ordered dash paint from Instrument Specialties, continued masking shell

1/25/2019 Finished masking car

1/26/2019 Furnace problems. Dismantled conv top frame

1/27/2019 Primed everything except front fenders and lower valance- 3 full cups of mixed primer.

1/28/2019 Unmasked car, removed doors, started assembling rotisserie

2/2/2019 Fixed trialing arm stud, sanded undercarriage

2/3/2019 undercoated trunk and wheel wells.

2/4/2019 Sanded firewall

2/5/2019 Seam sealed inside car and firewall

2/6/2019 Masked car for painted undercarriage

2/7/2019 Wiped down undercarriage

2/8/2019 Primed and painted undercarriage (Hot Rod Black, 1 cup mixed)

2/9/2019 Added overspray details to undercarriage

2/11/2019 Unmasked car and sanded RH quarter panel (800 grit)

2/12/2019 Sanded LH quarter panel (800 grit)

2/13/2019 Finished sanding on shell

2/14/2019 Take car off rotisserie

2/16/2019 Cut body braces off, Seam sealed A-pillar & top of cowl, sanded doors with 800, installed doors.

2/18/2019 Dismantled from brake assemblies

2/19/2019 Stripped glove box door and hinge.

2/20/2019 Fixed dent in glove box door. Primed upper inner door panels, upper inner quarters, glove box door and glove box hinge

2/23/2019 Painted top of dash suede blue, sanded upper inner door panels, upper inner quarters, glove box door and hinge

2/26/2019 Sent door panel carpets out to Al Knoch. Painted dash face, upper windshield header, door upper and quarter upper panels

2/27/2019 Dismantled steering column

3/1/2019 Sent glove box door, painted hinge, paint can and chips to Instrument Specialities

3/2/2019 Dismantled pedal assembly, Prepared engine for assembly

3/5/2019 Installed head down pins and gaskets. Installed PCV canistor

3/6/2019 Installed cam and timing chain. Installed heads.

3/9/2019 Installed rocker arms, intake ant timing cover. Dismantled water pump.

3/11/2019 Installed oil pump and oil pan.

3/13/2019 Started masking car for repainting the dash.

3/14/2019 Masked Passenger's door

3/15/2019 Received confirmation of order from Al Knoch

3/16/2019 Finished masking car for repainting dash.

3/19/2019 Masked Engine for sandblasting

3/20/2019 Cleaned and Primed engine

3/21/2019 Painted engine (seymour paint), drained OER areosol cans into quart can for painting interior.

3/23/2019 Repainted dash face, upper windshield header, door upper and quarter upper panels. Seam sealed doors and trunklid.

3/25/2019 Started masking car for edging car in white.

3/26/2019 Primed trunk hinge springs. Finished masking.

3/27/2019 Edged doors, trunk, cowl and conv opening. All in white

3/29/2019 Painted Firewall and inside of trunk. Primed steering column parts

3/31/2019 Painted underside of trunklid & fixed RH door paint

4/1/2019 Unmasked Car

4/2/2019 Dismantled & cleaned oil canister

4/3/2019 Sanded front filler panel

4/4/2019 Sanded upper grill panel and front fender extensions

4/6/2019 Primed front fenders and lower valance

4/8/2019 Started sanding RH fender

4/9/2019 Finished sanding RH fender, stared sanding LH fender

4/10/2019 Finished sanding LH fender, fender extensions and lower valance. Started sanding trunklid.

4/13/2019 Applied slick sand to underside of hood. Stripped steering column parts. Painted A-pillar mouldings.

4/15/2019 Started sanding slick sand.

4/16/2019 Finished sanding underside of hood.

4/17/2019 Finished sanding rad support, inner fenders & front brace. Drilled holes in inner fenders for RS lights and dampeners.

4/18/2019 Primed and painted underside of hood, inner fenders & rad support

4/20/2019 Repainted underside of hood & inner fenders due to runs.

4/23/2019 Stared assembling steering column

4/24/2019 Assembled steering column

4/25/2019 Started sanding hood

4/27/2019 Finished sanding hood. Started cleaning garage.

4/29/2019 Steve Dexter picked up parts for sandblasting. Continued to clean garage.

4/30/2019 Continued to clean garage. Replaced ballast on one light

5/1/2019 Painted steering column and lower covers.

5/6/2019 Detailed subframe

5/7/2019 Wire wheeled suspension parts

5/8/2019 Wire wheeled suspension parts & heater box. Removed control arm bushings

5/9/2019 Installed lower control arm ball joints nad bushings

5/11/2019 Painted frame, control arms, backing plates, springs, etc

5/14/2019 Sent upper control arms out to have ball joints installed.

5/15/2019 Sandblast front suspension, brake & misc parts.

5/16/2019 Primed and painted front suspension, brake & misc parts.

5/18/2019 Sandblasted more parts

5/20/2019 Installed upper control arm bushings. Prepared parts for painting

5/21/2019 Painted upper control arms, brake drums, crossmember, engine parts, etc.

5/22/2019 Painted heater box and gauge bezel

5/25/2019 Painted ash tray opening OER interior Black lacquer

5/28/2019 Started masking car

5/29/2019 Continued masking car

5/30/2019 Painted bottom of rockers panels and fenders black

6/1/2019 Finished masked arranged parts for painting.

6/5/2019 Seam sealed B-pillar & tail panel top

6/10/2019 Painted car

6/14/2019 Started sanding body

6/15/2019 Started buffing body

6/17/2019 Finished buffing body, sanded trunklid

6/18/2019 Buffed trunklid, sanded hood

6/19/2019 Buffed hood, sanded RH fender

6/19/2019 Sanded LH fender, butfed fenders

6/21/2019 Installed trunklid.

6/22/2019 Finished sanding and buffing smaller parts, unmasked car, setup subframe for assembly.

6/24/2019 Installed control arms

6/25/2019 Painted front brake adjust springs

6/26/2019 Installed RH front brakes, painted sway bar

6/27/2019 Installed LH front brakes, wheel hubs and drums. Installed sway bar. Confirmed that Steering arms are 6.2" versions are for conv & BB cars.

7/1/2019 Assembled and Installed pedal support

7/5/2019 Applied gun bluing and RPM magic to steering center link and idler arm.

7/9/2019 Dismanlted steering gear box

7/10/2019 Sandblasted gear box, wiper motor housing and heater cables.

7/13/2019 Assembled steering gear box, primed and painted gear box, idler arms, heater blower housing and engine frame mounts.

7/18/2019 Installed master cylinder front brake lines, steering gear box, idler arm & engine frame mounts. Assembled heater box.

7/20/2019 Reassembled and painted wiper motor. Assembled tierods. Installed subframe clips.

7/22/2019 Installed steering linkage and wiper motor.

7/23/2019 Installed heater box and battery calbe clips on frame

7/24/2019 Installed dash pad and speaker. Installed wheels on subframe

7/25/2019 Installed dash harness

7/29/2019 Installed heater controls and courtesy light harness. Cleaned up radio.

7/30/2019 Installed cig lighter, ignition, wiper switch, RS dash harness & radio. Broke headlight switch

7/31/2019 Installed ashtray bracket, center bezel & glove box. Broke glove box wire.

8/1/2019 Fixed broken wire, installed flasher bracket and speedo cable

8/3/2019 Painted kickpanels, sandblasted small parts

8/6/2019 Assembled kickpanels

8/7/2019 Connected subframe. Installed headlight switch and tail light harness.

8/8/2019 Installed instrument cluster

8/10/2019 Installed steering column. Painted sill wire covers. Installed inner fender dust shields.

8/11/2019 Installed rocker wire covers. Applied touch up paint to inner fenders.

8/12/2019 Installed lower control arm bumpers and front brake lines to distrib block. Installed emblems on LH fender

8/13/2019 Installed door jamb light switches, kick panels and courtesy lights.

8/14/2019 Install speedo cable clamps. Partially installed front to rear brake line.

8/20/2019 Installed carpet guard, painted parking brake. Installed radio bezel.

8/21/2019 Started masking car for buff-through repair

8/22/2019 Finished masking car for buff-through repair

8/24/2019 Painted rear quarters due to buff-through repair

8/28/2019 Sanded and buffer rear quarters

8/30/2019 Dropped parts off to Steve Dexter to sandblast

8/31/2019 Installed rubber plugs and body pan plugs

9/4/2019 Primed rear shakers and a few top frame parts.

9/5/2019 Spatter Painted rear shakers and gas filler cover

9/7/2019 Fixed conv top front header and 2nd header

9/9/2019 Partially assembled LH conv top frame rail

9/10/2019 Sandblasted more top parts, trunk lock clip & RS head light parts

9/11/2019 Primed and painted top frame parts & RS headlight parts

9/24/2019 Installed missing rivet on RH top frame, primed and painted remainder of top frame parts.

9/25/2019 Install reverse lights, Assemble tail lights, Instaledl rear shakers

9/26/2019 Installed tail lights, trunk weather seal, trunk lock

9/27/2019 Installed parking brake.

9/30/2019 Installed RH fender and RAD support. Installed inner fender to LH fender

10/1/2019 Installed LH fender, lower valance & front shakers

10/2/2019 Finished nose assembly - less hood

10/3/2019 Installed headlight harness, volt reg and horn relay.

10/5/2019 Installed lower molding on LH door

10/7/2019 Installed LH spears and LH fender RS mouldings

10/8/2019 Assembly RH headlight asby a bit, installed RH spear molding

10/9/2019 Attached RH door moulding & RH quarter RS moulding

10/10/2019 Installed RH front RS moulding. Assembled parking lights

10/12/2019 Installed parking lights, RH door latch & gas tank

10/14/2019 Finished install of fuel lines

10/15/2019 Cleaned conv top manual spring tracks

10/16/2019 Installed LH door latch, finished installing brake line, assembled headlight

10/17/2019 Assembled headlight doors, installed end screws on rocker spears

10/19/2019 Sandblasted and painted door glass hardware

10/21/2019 Installed conv top frame

10/22/2019 Cleaned window regulators

10/23/2019 Shipped parts out for rechroming

10/23/2019 Installed RH door regulator and inside latch. Started fixing LH regulator

10/24/2019 Installed RH door regulator and inside latch.

10/26/2019 Sandblasted and painted vent window frames. Installed quarter window regulators.

10/27/2019 Undercoated inside of quarter windows. Paint RH quarter window guide

10/29/2019 install quarter window guides.sandblasted & painted quarter window and RH door glass brackets.

10/30/2019 cleaned glass

10/31/2019 Glued in rear bow tack strip

11/2/2019 Installed rear bow tack strip, stripped down seat frames

11/9/2019 Removed seat upholstery

11/23/2019 Painted steering wheel & B-pillar welting

11/25/2019 Install quarter widow glass moldings

11/26/2019 Installed rear quarter windows and sweeps

11/27/2019 Painted seat frames

11/29/2019 Painted front seat back braces silver

11/30/2019 Installed foam on front seat bottoms

12/2/2019 Installed foam on front seat backs

12/3/2019 Installed cover on RH front seat bottom

12/4/2019 Installed covers on LH front seat bottom and LH front seat back

12/5/2019 Installed cover on RH front seat back

12/7/2019 Installed cover on rear seat back. Installed foam on armrest panels, installed cover on RH rear armrest panel.

12/9/2019 Installed covers on RH upper arm rest and LH lower armrest

12/11/2019 Installed cover on RH upper armrest panel

12/13/2019 Painted LH windshield interior pillar molding

12/14/2019 Installed windowshield frame moldings

12/15/2019 Started to installed Conv well molding

12/17/2019 Finished installing conv well moldings

12/18/2019 Installed door handles, started assembly of vent windows.

12/21/2019 Assembled vent windows

12/22/2019 Installed vent windows, installed RH door glass, Installed wiper transmission

12/27/2019 Sandblasted seat tracks

1/1/2020 Assembled seat tracks, painted seat track springs, Installed RH door weather seals

1/3/2020 Assemble front seats

1/4/2020 Dismantled console. Fixed front seat back panels

1/18/2020 Installed windshield

1/21/2020 Polished and installed windshield moldings.

1/23/2020 Installed lower windshield molding

1/27/2020 Removed bearing from Muncie input shaft

1/28/2020 Masked Muncie case for beadblasting

2/1/2020 Beadblasted trans case, bell housing and distributor body

2/3/2020 Started rebuilding transmission

2/4/2020 Had blue material sewn on top boot, Continued rebuilding transmission

2/8/2020 Started installing well liner and rear window.

2/10/2020 Having trouble with rear window

2/11/2020 Still have trouble with rear window

2/11/2020 Removed rear window

2/15/2020 Installed rear window, started installing conv top

2/17/2020 Continued working on conv top.

2/19/2020 Continued working on conv top.

2/20/2020 Installed conv top front seal.

2/22/2020 Finished convertible top install.

2/24/2020 Installed underlayment. Started to install carpet

2/26/2020 Installed front carpet. Almost finished final install

2/27/2020 Finished installing carpets. Assembled and installed RH rear armrest

2/29/2020 Installed RH door panel. Will need to remove to install correct window regulator

3/2/2020 Rebuilding window crank handles

3/3/2020 Finished rebuilding window crank handles

3/4/2020 Worked on LH door, removed regulator, drilled holes for panel, added weather seal. Added trim and emblem to LH door panel. Installed front outer seatbelts

3/7/2020 Replaced door window regulators, installed LH door glass and weather shield, installed LH rear quarter window side cover.

3/9/2020 Installed front seats

3/10/2020 Installes steering wheel. Finished LH door

3/11/2020 Assembled and Installed LH rear armrest panel asby

3/12/2020 Installed rear seatbelts and upper seat section

3/14/2020 Restored distributor. Sandblasted front seat backs, starter & Z-bar

3/16/2020 Rebuilt starter (ready for paint), removed fabric from lower rear seat

3/21/2020 Installed wheel well moldings (3)

3/23/2020 Installed last wheel well molding

3/25/2020 Assembled shifter to transmission

3/28/2020 painted bellhousing and trans lower cover, fitted small parts to engine

3/31/2020 Repainted B-pillar welting caps

4/2/2020 Installed B-pillar welting caps

4/4/2020 Sandblasted, painted, baked exhaust manifolds, Connected flywheel, clutch, starter, trans to engine

4/6/2020 Prepared engine for install

4/8/2020 Installed Engine

4/9/2020 Finished engine install

4/11/2020 Sandblasted & painte hood hinges. Installed sparkplug wires, coil, etc

4/13/2020 Installed gas pedal, fuel hose nad PCV bracket

4/15/2020 Installed hood hinges and alternator

4/18/2020 Installed hood and Z-bar

4/23/2020 Adjusted clutch, installed long exhaust pipes

4/25/2020 Sandblasted, primed & painted bumper brackets

4/28/2020 Installed rear bumper

5/2/2020 Sandblasted and painted radiator & hood latches. Phosphated hood latches.

5/4/2020 Installed hood latch & radiator

5/16/2020 Removed front filler panel and masked car for nose stripe

5/20/2020 Painted nose stripe

5/21/2020 Drilled nose SS emblem holes, Buffed nose stripe

5/23/2020 Installed front bumper and SS emblems. Repainted upper filler panel stripe

5/24/2020 Masked pinstripe and stencil

5/26/2020 Installed RH headlight asby

5/27/2020 Installed LH headlight asby

5/28/2020 Painted pinstripes

5/30/2020 Unmasked car, installed outside mirror

6/3/2020 Ordered rear end from Camaro Specialties

6/8/2020 Picked up rear end at shop

6/9/2020 Removed brakes from rear end

6/10/2020 Finished dismantling rear end

6/13/2020 Removed springs from old rear end

6/17/2020 Sent rear end parts out to be sandblasted

6/20/2020 Got rear end parts from blaster

6/24/2020 Touchup sandblasting and primed rear end parts

6/25/2020 Painted rear end parts.

6/27/2020 Sandblasted and paint rear brake parts

6/29/2020 Assmebled rear brakes

6/30/2020 Assembled rear end

7/1/2020 Installed rear leaf springs

7/11/2020 Installed seat back panels

7/15/2020 Primed rear brake drums

7/22/2020 Painted rear brake drums and LH shock plate

7/25/2020 Finished install of rear end and exhaust system. E-brake cable too long……

7/27/2020 Removed radiator to fix pitting

7/28/2020 Painted top of radiator

7/29/2020 Reisntalled radiator

7/30/2020 Finished installing parking brake cables

8/7/2020 Restored driveshaft, less slip yoke

8/10/2020 Installed new slip yoke, U-joints and painted white & orange stripes

8/11/2020 Approved console chroming. Had tires mounted, installed driveshaft, replaced diff plug, bleed rear brakes and installed rear tires.

9/5/2020 Painted console top and gauge housing black

9/16/2020 Painted bottom of console blue

9/17/2020 Flocked inside of console

9/23/2020 Assembled gauges

9/24/2020 Finished assembly console

9/29/2020 Installed console

9/30/2020 Fixed interior lights not coming on - console clock shorted to gnd

10/3/2020 Started car for the first time - had to sand points.

10/6/2020 Installed wipers, Fixed wiper motor not turning off- had to readjust switch on controls