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Camaro Project Part Suppliers

Here is a list of the top places I purchased parts from for the Camaro Project:

5Speeds --- Munchie rebuild components
Al Knock Interiors --- All of the interior soft trim came from them
AMK Products --- hardware kits and miscellaneous hardware
Camaro Specialties --- Firewall pad, wheels, rear interior panels, kick panel, all of the front end sheet metal
Classic Industries --- repo parts that I couldn't get from Heartbeat City
Coker Tire --- redline tires
Custom Rebuilt Carburetors --- Restored carburator
Denny's Driveshafts --- U-joints and front yoke
Ebay --- NOS and used parts
Ecklers --- miscellaneous parts
Gardner Exhaust --- Concours exhasut system
Heartbeat City --- A majority of my repo parts came from them
Inline Tube --- Brake lines, fuels lines and parking brake cable
The Parts Place --- Trunk paint and hose clamps
RockAuto --- Brake components, balljoints and bushingd
Zip Corvette --- Rearview mirror and wicks for tail lights