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Here's the block fresh from the machine shop. The cylinders were bored out 0.030" because of the damage done to one cylinder due to a broken ring.

The crank was also turned 0.010". Here is the fully assembled lower end.

Once turned over the heads were installed, followed by the new cam, lifters, timing chain and gears.

Here's the engine ready for painting. Note that the valve covers and oilpan cover is painted. The exhause manifolds were painted the engine color in the factory, which eventually got burned off. Knowing this, I painted them with a high heat paint prior to painting them with the engine color. So when the engine paint burns off they won't look so bad.

Here's a tip: paint the underside of the intake manifold and upper cover prior to installing the intake manifold.

Here's the motor fully painted. I painted it the original metalic blue, which I bought from Bill Hirsch. I used one full quart can.

Knowing that the car was beat by the previous owner I suspected transmission problems. Having been ripped-off in the past by transmission shops, I taught myself how to rebuild them myself. Actually its pretty easy. Everything I needed for a complete rebuild cost only $75.

Once appart, it was no suprise for me to find that the reverse and 2nd gear were completely gone. With my new parts in hand and with the appropriate tools I had it fully rebuilt in a day.

With the motor and transmission fully rebuilt it was a matter of attaching the two together and installing them in the car. Its a piece of cake with the frontend removed.

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