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With the subframe installed, I installed the restored front suspension. New upper and lower balljoints and control arm bushings were used. It would have been an easier job compressing the front coil springs with the motor in, but it was still at the machine shop.

Here are the fully restored brake assemblies. I purchased everything I needed from Kanter Auto Parts.

The front brake assemblies were installed prior to attaching the steering linkage.

Here's a view of the steering column after it was connected to the steering box.

Here's the front ready for the motor.

This is a picture of the left rear axel shaft. This is what happens when somebody beats the hell out of a car. The bearing, which is supposed to be pressed on could be easily removed by hand. The previous owner must have loved to spin the tires. Above the wheel bearing you can see a recessed area. That is where the bearing is supposed to be. The recessed area, about 1/4 inch deep, is actually supposed to be a raised area. Needless to say I had to replace the axel shaft. I was lucky enough to get one from a local junkyard for $50. on is shown here

Here's the fully restored rearend. I replace the original leafsprings because one side sat much lower than the other. The previous owner had tried to compensate for this by installing booster springs on the rear shocks to level the car.

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