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Cutting Out The Floors

Knowing that I was going to replace the floors, I decided to order new sheet metal prior to doing any cutting. I searched the webforums and it appeared that AMD made the most accurate sheetmetal, so I ordered everything directly from the AMD website. Two weeks later a big truck showed up at my door within 5 minutes of the scheduled delivery time. Including the $125 shipping everything in the first picture cost me $2000.

I layed everything out and compared them to my floors. I would say that the panels looked pretty good. However there are a few minor details on the panels which will give them away as repos (at least on a 1970). The incorrect details are circled in the first picture. There is a bump in the transmission tunnel area under the console, there are extra ribs (going front to back) under the front seats, there are 2 extra holes over the rear frame rails on the rear seat pan, and there are also a couple missing holes on the rear seat pan at the top. No big deal, I may or may not fix these.

One thing that was obviously different is the seat belt anchor plates and nuts. The anchor plates are shaped differently and have hex nuts instead of square nuts. The hex nuts are also the wrong size (at least for a 1970) ! This is an important flaw to discover early on. I plan on moving my original seat belt anchor plates over to the new floors to make things as correct as possible.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that I am not trying to bash AMD. The panels are very nice and well worth the money. I am just trying to identify what is different/incorrect so that I can bring my car back to factory appearance and possibly help someone identify repair work on a car that they may be looking to purchase.