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Project Work Log

1/29/2013 Car was listed on ebay. Ebay sent an email.

2/4/2013 Won car on ebay auction

2/13/2013 Rented U-haul truck

2/16/2013 Brought car back fron PA

2/17/2013 Returned U-haul truck

2/28/2013 Won pair of original 1970 front fenders on e-bay.

3/5/2013 Won used grill asby on ebay.

3/9/2013 Brought car inside garage for storage. Found 2 build sheets.

12/1/2013 Started dismantling car

12/5/2013 Pulled interior

12/7/2013 Pulled headliner, windshield and rear window

12/9/2013 Pulled dash and firewall components

12/14/2013 Dismantled doors, pulled doors and quarter windows

12/22/2013 Pulled engine (from top)

12/26/2013 Pulled rear end, pulled K-frame

12/28/2013 Bolted shell on rotisserie

1/3/2014 Partially dismantled rear end

1/16/2014 Place first AMD sheetmetal order (floors and upper cowl)

1/16/2014 Order brakes and balljoints from Classic Industries

1/22/2014 Dismantled reat axle

1/28/2014 Recieved first AMD sheetmetal order (floors, upper cowl)

2/1/2014 Cut out floors

2/3/2014 Cut out trunk pan

2/8/2014 Cleaned up welds and residual metal from floor pan cut out

2/12/2014 Dismantled dash

3/1/2014 Dismantled steering column

3/22/2014 Cut out rear quarters

4/26/2014 Stripped rear wheel wells to bare metal

4/28/2014 Started stripping paint off trunklid

5/1/2014 Finished stripping paint off trunklid

5/3/2014 Stripped paint off passengers door

5/8/2014 Stripped paint off drivers door

7/5/2014 Sandblasted inside of frame rails

7/23/2014 Repaired rocker pinch weld seams

7/30/2014 Repair work on LH frame rail at torque box

8/2/2014 Sandblasted and Primed inside

8/16/2014 Finished repair of LH frame rail at torque box and primed it

8/19/2014 Repaired RH rear frame rail gussette

8/29/2014 Repaired firewall main harness opening and LH upper firewall corner

8/30/2014 Repaired LH upper cowl above master cylinder

9/2/2014 Cut out rusted section at LH windshield pillar

9/6/2014 Finished repair of LH windshield pillar. Repaired holes on upper cowl at windshield.

9/13/2014 Sandblasted inside cowl, RH pillar and tail end rear frame rails.

9/13/2014 Installed new rear upper crossmember.

9/17/2014 Repo Rear underseat pan corrections (fixed holes, added original brackets, fitted to car).

9/18/2014 Drilled plug-weld holes in Rear underseat pan.

9/20/2014 Primed underside of rear underseat pan, rear crossmember & seat braces.

9/21/2014 Welded in rear underseat pan

9/24/2014 Welded in RH rear seat brace

9/26/2014 Repaired new front floor pans (weld in anchor plates, fix oversized holes, remove bump, drill hole for shifter linkage) and primed underside

9/28/2014 Fit front floor pans

9/29/2014 Drill holes in front floor pans

10/1/2014 Weld in front floor pans

10/2/2014 Welded in LH rear seat brace, removed front console bracket from old floor

10/4/2014 Fixed plug holes on rear footwell pans. Removed seatbelt anchors from orginal floorpans, sandblasted and primed them.

10/6/2014 Welded seat belt anchor plates and e-brake bracket to LH rear floor pan.

10/8/2014 Welded inner seat belt anchors to new RH footwell pan, dressed rear plug welds.

10/9/2014 Started welding in LH footwell

10/11/2014 Completed welding in rear footwells and last seatbelt anchor

10/13/2014 Installed B-pillar braces and console brackets.

10/14/2014 Welded in 2 seat anchor plates, drilled headlight dimmer and rear trim holes, removed rear tiedown brackets and broken bumper bolt.

10/15/2014 Blocked up rear end of car and removed rear section of rotisserie

10/16/2014 Removed tail panel

10/18/2014 Replaced left rear frame rail section. Removed rear frame rail reenforcement and rest of trunk pan.

10/20/2014 Removed trunkpan pieces from inner wheel wells and trial fit pan.

10/22/2014 Welded ned gas tank brackets and original spire tire hold-down bracket to trunk pan.

10/23/2014 Drill holes in trunk pan. Dressed welds on gas tank brackets.

10/25/2014 Primed underside of trunk pan, inside of rear frame member and inside of rear frame rails. Sandblasted tail panel.

10/27/2014 Started welding in trunk pan and rear crossmember.

10/28/2014 Finished welding in trunk pan.

10/29/2014 Dressed trunk pan welds. Installed crossmember extensions.

11/1/2014 Installed LH drop off panel and jack brackets. Repaired and primed Tail Panel.

11/2/2014 Installed RH drop off panel.

11/4/2014 Drilled tail panel plugweld holes in trunkpan.

11/6/2014 Installed tail panel.

11/8/2014 Dressed welds on tail panel. Started removing rear deck filler panel.

11/10/2014 Removed rear deck filler panel

11/12/2014 Drill moulding holes in rear deck filler panel

11/14/2014 Ordered LH quarter panel and LH outer wheel well from Roseville Moparts. Ordered missing seat anchors (2).

11/15/2014 Prime rear frame crossmember and underside of rear deack filler panel. Drilled holes in rear deck filler panel for mouldings and windo clips.

11/18/2014 Reconnected rear of car to rotisserie

11/22/2014 Sandblast in and around rear deck filler panel area. Clamped filler panel in place for welding.

11/24/2014 Started welding in rear deck filler panel.

11/28/2014 Finished welding in rear deck filler panel, fixed hole in rocker panel,.

11/29/2014 Repaired rear section of LH outer wheel house. Installed LH door. Modified latch pin bolting plate (fixes factory mounting issue).

12/6/2014 Repaired front section of LH outer wheel house. Primed LH wheelhouse and drop off.

12/8/2014 Started welding in LH quarter panel.

12/13/2014 Finished welding in LH quarter panel.

12/15/2014 Started cutting out RH outer wheel well

12/20/2014 Installed new RH outer wheel well

12/21/2014 Start repairing RH inner wheel well

12/26/2014 Finished fixing RH inner wheel well

12/27/2014 Primed RH wheelhouse and drop off

1/1/2015 Repaired RH rocker at A-pillar

1/3/2015 Repaired LH rocker at A-pillar

1/6/2015 Ordered front inner fenders from Goodmark

1/9/2015 Ordered RH rear quarter panel

1/10/2015 Fixed holes in upper windshield area. Repaired RH windshield pillar

1/17/2015 Fixed holes in RH upper cowl.

1/31/2015 Started welding in RH rear quarter panel

2/2/2015 Scheduled pick-up for hood.

2/6/2015 Hood came in

2/6/2015 Picked-up hood, continued welding in RH quarter

2/14/2015 Fix holes in cowl panel, Welded in seat anchor plates

2/16/2015 Fixed RH front frame rail damage

2/21/2015 Fixed LH front frame rail damage

2/28/2015 Removed front inner fenders and rad support. Started to straighten radiator support.

3/14/2015 Finished straightening rad support and rad side panels

3/21/2015 Sandblasted front frame rails

3/22/2015 Sandblasted rad support, rad side panels, door hinges & floor wire covers.

3/28/2015 Welded in LH front reenforement. Fitted inner fenders and rad support

3/30/2015 Fixed broken radiator support stud.

3/31/2015 Fitted inner fenders and rad support

4/1/2015 Prep-ed LH inner fender for install

4/2/2015 Started welding in LH inner fender

4/4/2015 Finished installation of LH inner fender. Prep-ed RH inner fender for install.

4/8/2015 Finished welding in RH inner fender

4/9/2015 Finished dressing welds on front end.

4/11/2015 Started front end filler work on front end repairs (cowl, frame rails, rad support).

4/14/2015 Continued filler work on front end.

4/18/2015 Primed front end / engine compartment. 2 full guns, not mixing cups. (450ml DP40LF)

4/20/2015 Connected front of car to rotisserie

4/21/2015 Prep-ed LH quarter panel for filler work (stripped to bare metal)

4/22/2015 Prep-ed RH quarter panel for filler work (stripped to bare metal)

4/25/2015 Fit rear valance / adjust RH quarter panel to fit, welded roof to quarter seam

4/27/2015 Sanded kevlar filler on both quarters. Added new coat.

4/29/2015 Sanded kevlar filler on LH quarter, added new coat

4/30/2015 Sanded kevlar filler on both quarters. Added new coat to RH.

5/2/2015 Sanded final coat of kevlar filller on LH quarter. Sanded and added new coat to RH. 1hr

5/3/2015 Sanded final coat of kevlar filller on RH quarter. Started and almost completed kevlar filler work on roof. 8hrs

5/4/2015 Finished sanding kevlar filler. Applied coat of Rage to quarters and roof.

5/6/2015 Sanded first coat of Rage filler.

5/9/2015 Finished filler work on quarter panels and roof.

5/11/2015 Finished sanding areas to be primed will quarters and roof.

5/12/2015 Started masking car.

5/13/2015 Finished masking car.

5/14/2015 Primed quarters, roof and door openings. 2 full mixing cups (900ml DP40LF)

5/16/2015 Ground down welds on inside of car. Started sanding underside

5/19/2015 Continued sanding underside.

5/20/2015 Dressed welds on underside. Continued sanding underside.

5/22/2015 Finished sanding underside. Filled pits on underside of car with slicksand. Created and welded in speedo retainer.

5/23/2015 Sanded slicksand and primed underside of car. 2 full mixing cups (850ml DP40LF/DP90LF)

5/26/2015 Started dressing welds and sanding inside of car.

5/27/2015 More sanding inside car

5/28/2015 Finished dressing welds in interior and finished sanding interior

5/30/2015 Finished dressing welds in trunk. Started sanding inside of trunk area.

6/1/2015 Finished sanding inside of trunk area.

6/2/2015 Weld in floor wiring covers (along LH rocker). Started masking.

6/3/2015 Primed inside of car. 2 full mixing cups (950ml DP40LF)

6/6/2015 Primed inside of cowl. Took car off rotisserie

11/14/2015 Sandblasted doors & front fenders.

11/19/2015 Removed LH door skin

11/21/2015 Sandblasted inside of LH door. Primed inside of LH door and skin. 1 mixing cup (400ml DP40LF/402LF)

11/24/2015 Fitted LH door skin

11/28/2015 Bodywork on driver's door

12/5/2015 Prime driver's door and hinges. 1 mixing cup (350ml DP40LF/402LF)

12/9/2015 Installed Driver's door. Cut skin off RH door

12/12/2015 Sandblasted inside of LH front fender and lip on trunklid

12/15/2015 Removed dents on LH fender using hammer and body file.

12/16/2015 Started filler work on LH fender

12/19/2015 Finished sanding on LH fender, primed inside. 1 mixing cup (400ml DP40LF/402LF)

12/20/2015 Primed outside of LH fender. 1 mixing cup (300ml DP40LF/402LF)

12/26/2015 Installed LH fender

12/29/2015 Stripped Hood underside

12/30/2015 Stripped Hood topside

1/2/2016 Sandblasted hood underside, sandblasted hood hinges

1/6/2016 Sanded underside of hood

1/7/2016 Fixed cracks and missing piece on edge

1/9/2016 Repaired top side of hood

1/12/2016 Primed top side of hood. 1 mixing cup (350ml DP40LF/402LF)

1/13/2016 Stared repair on hood underside

1/14/2016 Finished repairs on hood and masked for priming underside

1/16/2016 Primed hood underside and hinges. 1 mixing cup (400ml DP40LF/402LF)

1/20/2016 Installed hood hinges, dismantled hood latch support asby

1/21/2016 Installed and aligned hood

2/1/2016 Started repair on RH door

2/2/2016 Continued repair on RH door

2/3/2016 Continued repair on RH door

2/6/2016 Sandblasted inside RH door and hood latch support pieces

2/8/2016 Prepaired RH door shell & skin and hood latch supports for priming.

2/9/2016 Primed RH door shell & skin and hood latch support.

2/13/2016 Installed RH door skin

2/16/2016 Welded door skin to frame. Installed hood latch support.

2/18/2016 Did filler work on RH Door skin, primed RH Door and Hinges. 1 mixing cup (500ml DP40LF/402LF)

2/21/2016 Installed RH door, sandblasted trunk lid lip

2/23/2016 Started rust repair of trunklid

2/24/2016 Continued rust repair on trunklid (lower edge repairs)

2/27/2016 Completed rust repair on trunklid underside

2/29/2016 Started filler work on trunklid

3/1/2016 Sanded first coat of filler on trunklid

3/2/2016 Sanded second coat of filler on trunklid

3/5/2016 Finished filler work on trunklid. Primed trunk lid. 1 mixing cup (500ml DP40LF/402LF/reducer)

3/6/2016 Installed trunklid

3/7/2016 Started stripping paint off valances

3/8/2016 Continued to strip a paint off valances

3/9/2016 Continued to strip a paint off valances and RH fender

3/10/2016 Continued to strip a paint off RH fender

3/12/2016 Sandblasted RH fender, front valance, rear valance, rear valance brackets & rear filler panel

3/19/2016 Started repair on RH fender and front valance

3/21/2016 Sanded filler on RH fender

3/22/2016 Sanded filler on RH fender, fixed rust hole, fixed broken brace

3/23/2016 Sanded filler on RH fender

3/24/2016 Finished repair work on RH fender and front valance (400ml DP40LF/402LF/reducer)

3/26/2016 Primed RH fender, front valance, rear filler, rear valance brackets

3/28/2016 Install RH fender, removed RH door and started adjusting metal to improve gaps

3/29/2016 Started fixing edges on doors

3/31/2016 Finished fixing edges on doors and fenders - less priming

4/2/2016 Repaired rear valance, primed rear valance, edges on doors and RH quarter. (200ml DP40LF/402LF/reducer)

4/5/2016 Started aligning sheetmetal -LH Door and Fender

4/6/2016 Continued aligning sheetmetal -RH Door and Fender

4/7/2016 Finished aligning sheetmetal

4/9/2016 Started block-sanding body with 180. (rear quarters and trunklid completed), 5hrs

4/11/2016 Continued block-sanding (LH door & LH fender), 1.5 hrs

4/12/2016 Continued block-sanding (part of hood), 1hr

4/13/2016 Continued block-sanding (finished hood, RH Door, RH Fender, Roof and tailpanel left), 1.5 hrs

4/14/2016 Continued block-sanding (finished hood RH Fender), 1.5hrs

4/16/2016 Finished block-sanding, started masking car, 2 hrs (12.5hrs total)

4/18/2016 Finished masking car, applied 2 coats of epoxy primer (600ml DP40LF/402LF/reducer), applied 3 coats of slicksand (1 gal) and applied guide coat

4/19/2016 Started block-sanding highbuild primer (center LH side panels, 1 1/2 hrs)

4/20/2016 Continued block-sanding highbuild primer (trunk lid, dutchman panel, 1 1/2 hrs)

4/23/2016 Continued block-sanding highbuild primer (Top of RH & LH fenders and doors, hood, 7 hrs)

4/25/2016 Continued block-sanding highbuild primer (LH Fender bottom, LH Quarter bottom, 1 hr)

4/26/2016 Continued block-sanding highbuild primer (LH Rocker, LH door bottom and RH fender bottom, 1 1/2 hrs)

4/27/2016 Continued block-sanding highbuild primer (RH Rocker, RH door bottom, RH rear quarter panel, 1)

4/28/2016 Completed block-sanding highbuild primer (tail panel and roof, 1 1/2 hrs)

4/30/2016 Sanded inside edges of panels and wiped down car for masking.

5/2/2016 Started masking car.

5/3/2016 Continued masking car

5/5/2016 Continued masking car

5/6/2016 Drilled signal indicator holes, finished masking car and primed it (400ml DP40LF/402LF/reducer 3 times, 250ml DP40LF/402LF/reducer final, 3 coats on car skipped roof on third coat)

5/14/2016 Dismantled car and put on rotisserie. Started sanding inside.

5/17/2016 Finished sanding inside of car

5/18/2016 Started sanding undercarriage

5/19/2016 Continued sanding underside.

5/21/2016 Finished sanding underside and front end

5/22/2016 Started masking for painting underside

5/23/2016 Applied SEMS white seam sealer (trunk floor, tail panel, firewall floor)

5/24/2016 Applied black seam sealer (3 tubes) to floor except for metal overs. Sandblasted trunklid springs, floorpan plugs & screws, rocker U-nuts & rear filler panel screws.

5/25/2016 Installed rear bumper piller panel, floor pan plugs, finished seam sealing inside. Also bought 2 qts Panther Pink paint ($245)

5/27/2016 Applied rear quarter undercoat (from RestoRick)

5/28/2016 Painted undercarriage less body color and black overspray

5/31/2016 Painted body color (200ml base, 200ml reducer) overspray on undercarriage.

6/1/2016 Started masking for interior painting

6/2/2016 Finished masking for interior painting

6/4/2016 Painted inside of car and trunk

6/6/2016 Sanded LH quarter panel

6/7/2016 Continued sanding with 600

6/8/2016 Finished sanding body

6/11/2016 Started sanding doors

6/13/2016 Finished sanding doors with 600, hung LH door, sanded inside of LH door

6/14/2016 Masked and hung RH door. Started sanding RH fender with 600

6/15/2016 Sanded bottom half of fenders with 600 and masked

6/16/2016 Covered car.

6/17/2016 Painted inside of doors and front fenders

6/18/2016 Took car off rotisserie, Installed doors and RH fender

6/20/2016 Pulled cougar out of shop. Started to fix crease on trunklid

6/21/2016 Installed LH fender. Aligned with hood. Reinstalled hood latch support.

6/22/2016 Sanded and masked trunklid. Filled crease on trunklid, filled pits on hood underside. Starte sanding hood.

6/23/2016 Finished repairs on LH door & LH quarter. Fixed crease on trunklid underside & filled pits on hood. Primed over repairs.

6/25/2016 Sandblasted and primed battery tray.

6/27/2016 Applied Slicksand to battery tray and front valance

6/28/2016 Sanded front valance.Decided not to use original battery tray. Too much filler to look nice.

6/29/2016 Sanded rear valance panel

6/30/2016 Started masking car.

7/4/2016 Primed fender tag and repo battery tray. Masked engine bay

7/5/2016 Painted engine bay

7/6/2016 Started masking car

7/7/2016 Finished masking car, sanded and masked hood

7/8/2016 Painted car

7/9/2016 Started sanding car for buffing (5hrs)

7/11/2016 Continued sanding car for buffing (3hrs)

7/12/2016 Continued sanding car for buffing (2hrs)

7/13/2016 Buffed hood and trunklid (3hrs)

7/14/2016 Buffed LH front fender and door (1.5hrs)

7/16/2016 Finished buffing car (4hrs)

7/18/2016 Masked car for blackout

7/19/2016 Blacked out radiator support, rocker pinch welds and rear valance.

7/20/2016 Repaint mirror due to sanding through clear

7/23/2016 Installed front valance, hood & trunklid

8/1/2016 Masked perimeter of roof at bottom of vinyl trim moldings.

8/2/2016 Installed trunk molding. Sanded roof with 220.

8/6/2016 Installed vinyl top (less moldings)

8/7/2016 Installed quarter panel end trim

8/13/2016 Installed headliner

8/15/2016 Dismantled heater box

8/17/2016 Brought parts to Canada (Stephan Fournier) for resto (wiper motor, heater blower, headlight buckets, trunk latch, trunk catch, hood latch, hood saftey catch, gas tank filler tube, rear marker light brackets). Started buffing vinyl top molding.

8/20/2016 Buffed vinyl top moldings.

8/26/2016 Installed drip rail moldings, installed roof rail weather seal channels.

8/27/2016 Sandblasted dash and interior window trim

9/3/2016 Primed dash and steering column pieces

9/4/2016 Painted dash and steering column pieces

9/10/2016 Sandblasted door hardware and heater box. Painted interior trim and gloss steering column parts.

9/12/2016 Painted LH door hardware. Cleaned window channels

9/13/2016 Painted RH door hardware and LH latch.

9/14/2016 Painted quarter window hardware.

9/17/2016 Sandblasted most of K-frame.

9/19/2016 Cleaned RH door latch, rebuilt LH door window stop fussies.

9/20/2016 Cleaned RH window regulator

9/21/2016 Painted RH window bumper stops. Gathered parts for plating.

9/24/2016 Sandblasted lower control arms, front brake backing plates and rest of K-frame. Primed Lower control arms and backinig plates. Painted lower control arms with natural steel paint.

9/26/2016 Had K-frame powered coated satin black. Degreased brake spindles and power steering gearbox.

9/28/2016 Got restored parts from Canada (Stephan Fournier, wiper motor, ac blower, hood latch, trunk latch gas filler, headlight buckets,etc). Left parts to replate.

9/29/2016 Painted balljoint end of lower control arms.

10/1/2016 Sandblasted front brake spindles, steering gear box and hardware. Painted front brake spindles.

10/3/2016 Started to dismantle steering gear box.

10/4/2016 Dismantled guts of power steering gear box.

10/5/2016 Bad day. Broke head in steering gear box and paint lifted on Lower Control Arms.

10/8/2016 Painted master cylinder body and heat box housing.

10/11/2016 Started polishiing quarter window stainless

10/12/2016 Polished quarter window stainless and cleaned.

10/13/2016 Touched up paint at LH quarter window. Still need to sand.

10/15/2016 Sanded touch up paint. Sandblasted lower control arms, front end hardware, parking lights, misc brackets.

10/18/2016 Started dismantling engine. Heads are off at this point.

10/19/2016 Primed lower control arms (again), heater cover plate, AC drier bracket & lower valance to K-frame brace.

10/20/2016 Painted lower control arms (silver), AC drier brackets (gloss black) and K-frame brace (satin black).

10/22/2016 Painted lower control arms (cosmoline paint), pedal support, gas pedal parts and front parking lights.

10/23/2016 Clear coated emergency brake asby.

10/24/2016 Clear coated a couple heater box parts.

10/29/2016 Painted front brake backing plates (weathered metal & satin clear, rustoelum ), painted brake pedal & e-brake pedal (krylon gloss black). Dismantled spare power steering gear box.

10/31/2016 Started reassembling power steering gear box.

11/2/2016 Picked up part in Canada (Stephan Fournier, AC parts, bolts, screws, door latches, ashtray). Finished power steering gear box rebuild.

11/3/2016 Painted brackets on heater box.

11/7/2016 Started to install vinyl top moldings

11/8/2016 Installed vinyl top molding. Install LH reaer view mirror.

11/9/2016 Installed LH door latch.

11/10/2016 Installed LH door hardware - less glass

11/12/2016 Installed door latches, regulars, handles and glass

11/14/2016 Installed quarter window hardware - less glass

11/15/2016 Installed rear quarter windows.

11/16/2016 Adjust quarter windows

11/17/2016 Installed rear window molding clips

11/19/2016 Cleaned rear glass. Installed windshield clips.

11/25/2016 Installed rear window, installed firewall insulation, installed package tray, assembled some of AC heater box.

11/26/2016 Assembled pedal support & installed it. Installed vacuum pots and hoses on AC heater box.

11/28/2016 Assembles and installed accellerator pedal

11/29/2016 Rebuilt and installed master cylinder

11/30/2016 Installed wiper motor and transmission

12/3/2016 Installed upper cowl grills, trunk latch and hood safety catch. Detailed AC/ heater box parts.

12/5/2016 Installed as/heater box

12/7/2016 Started cleaning dash parts

12/11/2016 Installed dash pad, ash tray and glove box door

12/13/2016 Painted radio bezel and ac/heater control face plates black

12/14/2016 Detail painted bezels silver/chrome. Painted ac/heater control face plate lettering white.

12/15/2016 Installed radio, ac/heater controls and related panels.

12/17/2016 Assembled cluster light panel, cleaned and installed dash harness.

12/19/2016 Started to recone speaker.

12/20/2016 Finished reconing speaker, just have to cover it with cloth

12/21/2016 Finished and installed speaker. Started working on vents.

12/24/2016 Fixed AC vents

12/27/2016 Installed AC vents and duct

12/29/2016 Dismantled engine

12/30/2016 Assembled steering column (less wheel)

12/31/2016 Dismantled transmission

1/3/2017 Painted dash trim pieces

1/5/2017 Reassembled cluster with new speedo and installed on dash

1/7/2017 Finished assembly of dash and tested grounding. Applied windshield blackout

1/10/2017 Assemble LH front brakes

1/11/2017 Sent outer front seatbelts to Ssnake-Oyl for resto (original estimate was $105ea). Repainted master cylinder more correct looking cast gray, assemble RH front brakes.

1/12/2017 Painted A-pillar moldings

1/14/2017 Installed Dash and inner windshield trim.

1/16/2017 Sandblasted transmission case. Painted review mirror parts.

1/17/2017 Assembled rear view mirror. Cleaned transmission case.

1/18/2017 Painted transmission main case

1/20/2017 Dropped tail housing off at Vermont engine to remove broken bolts

1/21/2017 Cleaned transmission parts (not all)

1/23/2017 dropped engine of at Vermont Engine, sent payment info to Ssnake-Oyl ($211.95). Dismantled and cleaned trans cluch housings

1/24/2017 Assembled reverse clutch.

1/29/2017 Assembled forward clutch.

1/30/2017 Installed wiring harnesses

1/31/2017 Installed headlights

2/2/2017 Dismantled trans valve body

2/3/2017 Cleaned transmisison valve body parts

2/4/2017 Assembled trans valve body and pump

2/6/2017 Installed rear view mirror and front fender dust shields. Installed parking light pigtails.

2/7/2017 Prepaired transmission and parts for reassembly.

2/8/2017 Started assembling trans. Broke kickdown servo ring. Wrong part in kit, had to order new one.

2/11/2017 Installed trans gears (awaiting ring to install valve block), restored trans external hardware.

2/13/2017 Dismantled rear leaf springs. Collected parts for sandblasting.

2/14/2017 Installed servos (rings came in)

2/16/2017 Sorted engine brackets, shift rods for acid dipping

2/18/2017 Installed valve body in trans. Sandblasted engine related parts (brackets, linkage,etc)

2/20/2017 Installed parking lights. Removed upper control arm bushings. Delivers parts to Dexter's for sandblasting.

2/21/2017 Got parts back from Dexters. Removed leaf srping bushings. Paint trans fluid pan cover.

2/22/2017 Sanded rear springs. Removed diff cover and pulled gears less pinion.

2/23/2017 front outer seatbelts came in. Sanded sandblasted parts.

2/25/2017 Primed parts (leaf springs, steering gear box, engine brackets, RH shock mount, etc)

2/27/2017 Painted brackets black, painted trans tail housing.

2/28/2017 Painted rear backing plates.

3/1/2017 Satin Clear coated backing plates. Painted access hole covers & cleared some shifter parts.

3/2/2017 Painted leaf springs

3/4/2017 Assembled leaf springs. Pulled upper ball joints. Pulled pinion.

3/6/2017 Clear coated shift linkage

3/7/2017 Clear coated shift linkage brackets

3/8/2017 Worked on hardware.

3/11/2017 Cleaned engine hardware. Installed transmission tail housing.

3/13/2017 Cleaned engine hardware.

3/14/2017 Cleaned engine hardware.

3/18/2017 Engine assembly work: Installed crank, pistons and cam

3/20/2017 Installed Heads

3/21/2017 Installed lifters, push rods and rocker arms.

3/22/2017 Installed intake.

3/23/2017 Cleaned and installed timing cover and water pump.

3/25/2017 Sandblasted oil pan, valve covers, exhaust manifolds, harmonic balancer & power steering pump components.

3/27/2017 Installed exhaust manifolds and harmonic balancer

3/28/2017 Installed dipstick tube and oil sending unit. Cleaned and primed oil pan.

4/1/2017 Detailed engine and suspension hardware.

4/2/2017 Clear coated tierod ends and strut rods.

4/3/2017 Installed new rocker arms

4/4/2017 Swapped out water pump

4/5/2017 Installed lower control arms and strut rods

4/8/2017 Sandblasted new valve cover. Installed covers and oil pan on engine

4/10/2017 Dismantled starter

4/11/2017 Started rebuilding power steering pump

4/12/2017 Finished rebuilding power steering pump

4/13/2017 Cleaned trans dipstick tube and painted distrib housing

4/15/2017 Installed tie rod end asbys. Sandblasted and paint misc hardware

4/17/2017 Soldered on starter solenoid

4/18/2017 Started assembling starter and distributor

4/19/2017 Prepared garage for painting engine

4/20/2017 Painted engine and mounts

4/24/2017 Installed fuel pump and motor mounts

4/26/2017 Modified tricastle nuts for tierods. Apply paint daubs to K-frame items

4/27/2017 Painted power steering pump, engine pulleys, fan, torsion rods. Flushed torque coverter & install Power steering pump.

4/29/2017 Installed door & roofrail weather seals. Aligned door and quarter windows.

5/1/2017 Finished adjusting door latches. Installed console wiring.

5/2/2017 Installed front outer seat belts and dome light

5/3/2017 Started assembling distributor

5/5/2017 clear coated brake lines, painted engine/trans braces.

5/6/2017 Installed brake lines, started installing carpets, applied vin decal.

5/9/2017 trimmed rear carpet section. Started making door/quarter plastic dust shields

5/11/2017 Finished restoring starter & tested it. Installed fuel line.

5/13/2017 Installed engine

5/15/2017 Finished rebuilding distributor

5/16/2017 Installed outer seatbelt bezels

5/17/2017 Sandblasted a few small parts

5/18/2017 Prepared windshield for install

5/20/2017 Installed windshield. Sandbasted upper control arms & AC compressor parts. Primed upper control arms

5/22/2017 Installed upper control arm bushing. Installed steering column coupler.

5/23/2017 Installed Steering Column, starred installing front carpets

5/24/2017 Continued carpet installation

5/25/2017 Finished installing carpets and rear interior side panels

5/27/2017 Installed rear window interior moldings, sandblasted and primed rear axle housing, painted & installed upper control arms, installed RH torsion bar, installed distributor, installed coil installed sparkplug wires.

5/30/2017 Install LH torsion bar. Installed fender emblems.

5/31/2017 Finished installing front brake/suspension -less drums

6/3/2017 Dismantled alternator, dismantled AC compressor, had front drums turned.

6/6/2017 Dismantled shifter bezel.

6/7/2017 installed shifter mechanism. Installed rear side window crank handles. Painted shift linkage & front shocks.

6/11/2017 painted console parts

6/12/2017 Sandblasted and painted console hardware. Finished front shock install.

6/13/2017 Installed shifter bezel and console base.

6/14/2017 Installed console decal. Cleaned alternator shell

6/17/2017 Sandblasted and broke front brake drum. Sandblasted and paint carb related hardware. Installed antenna and RH kick panel.

6/21/2017 Mounted carb

6/20/2017 Installed remainder of shift linkage. Partialy assembled AC compressor

6/27/2017 Finished assembling AC compressor

6/28/2017 Dismantled grill, installed shif knob

6/29/2017 Assembled Alternator

7/1/2017 Attempted to rebuild rearend. Need conical washer for flange.

7/7/2017 Painted AC compressor, painted steering wheel spokes.

7/8/2017 Installed AC compressor clutch. Applied stain to steering wheel.

7/11/2017 Installed rearend pinion. Attempted to set backlash. Need to modify spacer to set backlash.

7/13/2017 Finished installing differential gears. Installed hood fratzog emblem. Painted silver on horn pad.

7/15/2017 primed diff cover.

7/16/2017 Stripped door panel inserts.

7/17/2017 Installed diff cover and backing plate studs. Installed door panel insert decals.

7/19/2017 Removed bearings, sandblasted and painted axle shafts. Painted rear end. Started assembling grill pieces.

7/22/2017 Detailed rear end. Painted new grill sections and headlight bezels. Started assembling rear brakes.

7/24/2017 Finished rear brake asby, rebuilt axle shafts, finished assembling rear end.

7/25/2017 Installed leaf spring bushings and anchor plates to springs. Prepared car for rear end.

7/26/2017 Started installing rear end.

7/27/2017 Finished installing rear end. Just need to connect e-brake cables.

7/31/2017 Worked on assembling LH door panel.

8/2/2017 Installed door panels

8/3/2017 Installed sill plates

8/5/2017 Connected parking brake, installed gas tank and rear valance panel.

8/7/2017 Rebuilt front drum brake hubs

8/8/2017 Installed front brake drums and steering wheel

8/9/2017 Started clean inner fender dust shields

8/12/2017 Installed AC compressor and alternator. Installed fender rear dust shields

8/14/2017 Applied black paint to grill center.

8/15/2017 Installed frame rail dust shields and heater hoses

8/16/2017 Paint grill brackets

8/23/2017 Installed grill and windshield molding

8/29/2017 Started installing front bumper

8/30/2017 Finished aligning front bumper

9/2/2017 Installed AC condensor

9/5/2017 Painted seat frames

9/9/2017 Primed rims, driveshaft. Painted rim faces and seat tracks

9/11/2017 Painted back side of rims

9/12/2017 Started making burlap pieces for back seat upper section

9/13/2017 Installed burlap pieces on back seat upper section

9/14/2017 Completed upholstery on back seat upper section

9/16/2017 Completed upholstery on back seat lower section & RH front seat bottom

9/18/2017 Completed upholstery on RH seat back.

9/19/2017 Painted drive shaft.

9/23/2017 Painted passenger seat end caps and front license plate bracket

9/25/2017 Installed passenger seat and rear seats

9/26/2017 Installed front license plate bracket

10/28/2017 Clear coated exhasut hardware. Installed trunk weatherseal.

11/2/2017 Installed driveshaft and muffler heat shield

11/4/2017 Installed exhaust system

11/5/2017 Installed shifter lockout linkage

11/11/2017 Installed wheel well moldings

11/12/2017 Installed rear marker lights

11/14/2017 Sandblasted and paint rear tail light housings and front marker light brackets

11/18/2017 Painted inside of tail lights, installed front markers, broke RH front marker

11/20/2017 Installed tail lights

11/25/2017 Installed rear axle bumpers

12/21/2017 Installed radiator

12/23/2017 Started engine

12/28/2017 Fixed brake line, bleed brakes (still having trouble with rear brakes)

12/30/2017 Drove car out of garage for the first time (now on new side of garage)

1/19/2018 Ordered wheels

4/6/2018 Installed rear window moldings. Masked hub caps

4/7/2018 Painted hubcaps

6/2/2018 Installed wheels

6/5/2018 Sealed around windshield

6/7/2018 Installed windshiled moulding

6/9/2018 Installed sunvisors

6/12/2018 Installed horns

6/20/2018 Started getting rear bumper ready to install. Sandblasted and painted hardware

6/23/2018 Installed rear bumper

6/29/2018 Upholstered bottom half of driver's seat

7/4/2018 Assembled and installed driver's seat

7/7/2018 Attempted to bleed brakes.

7/9/2018 Primed master cylinder, bled brakes

8/7/2018 Installted AC lines and license plates