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If you are not a Cougar fan you probably have never heard of an XR7-G. It was a special 1968 Cougar model that was based on the XR7. It was first partially manufactured by Mercury in Detriot and then was shipped to A. O Smith in the name of Shelby American, where the rest of the work was completed. However, if the car was to receive a sunroof, which all 431 did, it was shipped to the American Sunroof Corporation to receive a power sunroof.

Here is a list of items that were unique to the XR7-G. If you are looking to purchase an XR7-G, its good to know what's missing because it will cost a lot of money to replace them due to the rarity of the car:
  • Lucas Fog Lights - The same lights used on 68 shelbys
  • Special front lower valance - For mounting the Lucas fog lights
  • Talbot Color Keyed remote sport mirror - Driver's door only. Talbot Mirror
  • Third extra note horn - Delco Remy. Yup a GM part!
  • Fiberglass hoodscoop - Functional on 428 equiped cars. Also used on GTEs
  • Hood pins - Attached cable style. XR7-G only part
  • XR7-G grill emblem - Red circular XR7-G, like roof pillar. Mounted on RH headlight door. Replaces Cougar emblem
  • XR7-G roof pillar emblems - Red circular XR7-G
  • Dual exhaust tips - Chrome, pipe within a pipe. XR7-G only part
  • Modified rear valance with custom chrome trim - Standard rear valance with U-shaped cutouts with XR7-G only U-Shaped chrome trim
  • Special console top - Console top and liner are custom XR7-G only parts. The base is a modified 68 Mustang base
  • Special switchpanel - for sunroof and foglights, mounted on console. 68 Lincoln switch panel with XR7-G only woodgrain insert
  • Special gold right hand dash emblem - Brass plated metal 'Cougar' and 'XR7-G' emblem on right side of dash
  • Special gold Cougar horn emblem - Standard Cougar horn emblem, but Brass plated
  • Vinyl wrapped steering wheel - black only and used on 68 shelbys
  • Special automatic shifter handle - Shelby wooden shifter with custom gold Cougar insert replacing Shelby cobra insert
  • XR7-G trunk lock cover insert - standard trunk lock cover, but with red XR7-G insert
  • Special wheels with XR7-G center caps - First cars were equiped with Rader American wheels, but were recalled early on and were replaced with Cougar styled steel wheels with special XR7-G centers
If you wish to learn more about the XR7-G Cougars you can go to the XR7-G Registry or to the Mercury Cougar XR7-G Homepage Information is compliments of Royce Peterson.

While examining the car I found this neat tag attached to the edge of the hood. It is a Hertz inventory/tracking tag, which has been reportedly appeared on a few Hertz Shelbys. I would love to see similar tags. So if you have a picture of one please feel free to cotnact me at e-mail

Here is a copy of an original Hertz brochure.