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Here are links to some important websites

West Coast Cougars Supplier of NOS, used and repo parts. They are a good place to find used sheetmetal.
Ken's Cougars Supplier of repo Cougar parts.
Cascade Classics Restorer of classic Cougars, sells NOS, used and repo Cougar parts. Web forum for classic Cougar owners. This is the one you should join if restoring a classic Cougar.
The XR7-G Registry This is where you can get info on the XR7-G cars and add your car to the registry.
XR7-G Info Page This is where you can get info on the XR7-G cars.
Marti Autoworks Home of the famous 'Marti Report'. This is where you can order an accurate report about your car using Ford's actual database. You can also get reproduction tags for your car here.
AMK Products Here you can get virtually every nut and bolt to put your car back together with. They also produce excellent reproduction alternators and starter solenoids. The repo vendors get there stuff from here, so cut out the middle man and save a few bucks.

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