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The work just keeps piling up. Here is my next project after the Jaguar. It's a 1968 Hertz Cougar XR7-G. It is one of the 188 XR7-G Cougars developed for Hertz as part of their Rent-A-Racer program. As with all of the Hertz cars it came with a 390-4V GT engine, C6 trans, Heavy Duty Suspension, A/C, Power Steering, Power disk brakes, smog, tilt-away steering & power sunroof. It also came with the XR7 standard leather seats and overhead console, which contains a seatbelt warning light, door ajar warning light, parking brake warning light & low fuel indicator.

The story behind this car is that it was originally leased to Hertz through the Merlin Motor Company in Camden, New Jersey. As with the other 187 Hertz Cougars, it was returned to Ford where it was resold as a used car.

The early ownership is not known at this time. It is known that at some point in the later part of the 70's with 78K miles of usage, it was impounded by the city of Camden, NJ. The car was eventually hauled away from the police impound yard by Walt & Al's Used Autos & Parts of Williamstown, New Jersey, who had the towing contract for Camden at that time.

The car sat there for an unknown amount of time before it was purchased by James Broomall of Woolwich Township,New Jersey on September 31, 1982. Jim did very little to the car besides moving it around for the next 26 years. I had purchased Jim's brother's 1969 Limited Edition 600 Mustang 5 years prior. You can see the restoration of that car at my Groovy Green Restoration Website. Appearently they liked my work since they offered me the Cougar before listing it for sale. Soooo, I found myself traveling back to New Jersey once again. At least this time I had a car trailer instead of a wobbly car-caddy.