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Warranty Tag
Note: The tag has a a typo in the DSO#

From Ford CAC and Marti Auto Works:

Serial Number: 8F93S547008
8: 1968
F: Built in Dearborn
93: Cougar XR-7 Hardtop
S: 390-4V
47,008th Mercury vehicle scheduled for production at Dearborn

65B: Cougar XR-7 Hardtop
M: Polar White Paint
6B: Dark Blue Leather Bucket Seats
05C; Scheduled For Build: March 5, 1968
168050: Philadelphia Ordering District Under Special Order #8050
1: 2.75 standard axle ratio
U: C-6 Merc-O-Matic Transmission

Order Type: FLEET - To Be Repurchased
Dealer#: 16C040 Merlin Mtr Co Admiral Wilson Blvd Camden NJ 08103

This vehicle was ordered with the following options:
  • Sunroof (Hertz Car)
  • XR7-G Package (Hertz Car)
  • C-6 Merc-O-Matic Transmission
  • E70X14 Wide Oval Tires
  • Power Disk Brakes
  • Power Steering
  • Tilt-Away Steering
  • Air Conditioner - Whisperaire
  • AM Radio
  • Tinted Glass
This vehicle was produced on February 29, 1968 -- five days ahead of schedule.

Here is a vintage picture of the Merlin Motors.

Merlin Motors

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