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Here is the timeline of activities during the restoration.

7/30/2003Found car listed for sale on VMF. Requested info.
7/31/2003Recieved pictures via e-mail.
8/1/2003Made offer and sent deposit.
8/5/2003Deposit received by seller.
8/29/2003Picked-up car and brought it back to Vermont.
8/30/2003Evaluated vehicle and made a list of required parts.
8/31/2003Accumulating components for restoration begins.
5/18/2004Dismantling of car beings.
6/5/2004Went to Ford Nationals at Carlisle to find parts.
6/8/2004Shell is mounted on the rotisserie.
6/12/2004Test painted new trunklid to identify corect body color.
7/7/2004Sandblasted Engine compartment.
7/10/2004Sandblasted torque boxes and frame rails.
7/24/2004Cut-out LH floor. Removed L&R rear quarters and wheel wells.
7/26/2004Bought new MIG welder from Lowes in Plattsburgh.
7/27/2004New sheet metal from VCM arrived.
7/31/2004Sandblasted inside of LH quarter area and prepared for new metal.
8/1/2004Trimmed new LH lower dropoff, welded inner wheel well patch.
8/7/2004Welded in LH lower drop-off, welded in LH outer wheel well.
8/8/2004Trimmed new quarter skin, clamped in place for cutting.
8/10/2004Dressed welds and primed LH quarter inner area and underside.
8/14/2004Welded in new LH quarter panel.
8/21/2004Created and welded in new LH rear quarter section.
8/23/2004Trimmed new RH lower dropoff.
8/28/2004Sandblasted inside of RH quarter area and welded in drop-off.
8/31/2004Welded in new RH outer wheel well.
9/4/2004Dressed welds and primed RH quarter inner area and underside.
9/7/2004Cut RH quarter panel to fit opening .
9/8/2004Welded in new RH quarter panel.
9/9/2004Created and welded in new RH rear quarter section.
9/10/2004Created LH toe pan patch.
9/11/2004Sandblasted LH toe pan area. Welded in LH toe pan patch.
9/16/2004Repaired inside top of LH torque box.
9/19/2004Trimmed and tack welded in LH floor pan.
9/20/2004More welding on LH floor pan.
9/24/2004Cut-out RH Floorpan.
9/25/2004Sandblasted RH floorpan opening, also inside firewall.
10/2/2004Repaired RH toe pan. Started to weld in RH floor pan.
10/23/2004Sandblasted underside of shell (firewall to gastank opening.)
2/12/2005Dismantled steering column, heater a/c box, & lower dash asby
2/18/2005Dismantled seats, steering box, P/S control valve
2/26/2005Sandlblasted: spindles, steering box, steering column parts, e-brake, pedal support and components, P/S control valve, front brake backing plates, ash tray parts, strut rods, drag link
3/1/2005Sandblasted LH front lower seat frame & springs
3/12/2005Painted cast parts: steering box, control valve, spindles, pitman arm; clear parts: drag link, control valve to centerlink piece, lower dash support braces. Painted LH lower seat frame and springs
3/16/2005Sandblasted and painted RH lower seat frame only
3/19/2005Sandblasted lower dash & LH front seat back.
3/21/2005Painted pedal support, accelerator pedal asby, column retaining brackets
3/22/2005Painted brake pedal and pivot clip
4/2/2005Repaired lower dash and epoxy primed parts to be painted
4/4/2005Painted lower dash & steering column parts
4/9/2005Sandblasted & painted a/c heater box doors. Painted LH seatback springs and RH lower seat frame springs.
4/14/2005Bead blasted fiberglass interior trim pieces
4/16/2005Sandblasted & painted rear seat frames & RH seat back frame. Repaired A/C heater box drain.
4/19/2005Dismantled rear axle house and rear brake components. Sandblasted RH seat back springs and 3 seat tracks. Painted RH seat back springs.
4/23/2005Painted A/C heater box (4pcs), Painted 3 seat tracks.
4/27/2005Bead blasted and Clear coated heater box hardware
4/30/2005Tapped holes in a/c vents. Primed a/c vents dash trim pieces and package tray trim pieces. Clear coated seat hardware.
5/4/2005Painted a/c vents dash trim pieces and package tray trim pieces
5/7/2005Glued foam to a/c vents. Painted dash hardware. Painted wiper motor bracket
5/10/2005dismantled instrument cluster and paint bezel
5/14/2005rebuilt wiper motor, painted blower motor and wiper motor parts
5/15/2005assembled wiper motor
5/21/2005plated parts
5/22/2005plated more parts
5/25/2005plated more parts
5/28/2005plated more parts, dismantled fender extensions
5/30/2005started to strip and blast fender extensions
6/4/2005Assembled a/c heater box and vents
6/6/2005Completed most of the lower dash assembly
6/7/2005Completed assembly of the lower dash assembly
6/9/2005Completed assembly of the steering column
6/11/2005Assembled steering box
6/12/2005Partial assembly of steering valve, painted chrome on cluster bezel
6/14/2005Finished assembly of control valve
6/18/2005Sandblasted front and rear fender extensions. Finished rear seat
6/21/2005Painted interior trim brackets and kickpanel vent parts. Upholstered LH front seat bottom.
6/22/2005Upholstered RH Seat bottom
6/25/2005Upholstered LH seat back
6/27/2005Assembled LH front seat
6/29/2005Upholstered RH seat back
6/30/2005Assembled RH front seat
7/5/2005Repaired battery tray area, some sandblasting
7/7/2005Sandblast door openings, window openings and tailpanel
7/9/2005Chemical stipped inside of trunk
7/23/2005Sandblasted remainder of LH upper cowl and door jamb.
7/27/2005Repaired holes in rear floor/trunk (exhaust, air shock holes)
8/6/2005Removed all rust damage from LH rear frame rail and trunk pan. Sandblasted trunk and rear seat area.
8/27/2005Repaired LH frame rail. Removed old tailpanel.
9/3/2005Welded in LH & RH trunk pan sections
9/5/2005Installed new tailpanel
9/10/2005Primed tail panel
9/13/2005Re-attached tailpanel to rotisserie. Leaded LH quarter
10/1/2005Finished body work on LH quarter. Primed LH quarter
10/3/2005Leaded RH quarter
10/8/2005Finished body work on RH quarter.
10/10/2005Primed RH quarter
10/15/2005Primed Upper cowl, side cowls & roof
10/19/2005Continued with metal work on floor. Installed LH seat riser
10/22/2005 Continued with metal work on floor. Installed RH seat riser
10/29/2005 Leaded floorpan
11/5/2005 Did body work and primed most of underside of floor pan
11/12/2005 Did body work and primed entire inside of trunk
11/16/2005 Primed underside of trunk
11/25/2005 Blasted inside of car. Completed filler work on inside.
11/26/2005 Primed inside of car, except for firewall
12/3/2005 Repaired RH upper cowl.
12/10/2005 Repaired LH cowl vent
12/17/2005 Repaired remainder of firewall issues
12/27/2005 Repaired RH front fender apron, top of rad support
12/28/2005 Sandblasted 3/4 of engine compartment
12/29/2005 Completed detail filler work on engine compartment repairs
12/30/2005 Repaired lower RH shock tower where it meets frame rail
12/31/2005 Primed all of engine compartment except for LH side
1/4/2006 Cut-out rust on upper LH fender aprons and made patches
1/5/2006 Welded in patches for LH front fender apron
1/6/2006 Ordered repro door shells from Ponderosa Mustang
1/7/2006 Repaired LH frame rail pocket at shock tower
1/9/2006 Welded in patch on LH lower portion of shock tower
1/11/2006 Patched holes on side of shock tower and dressed welds
1/14/2006 Repaired LH front fender apron
1/15/2006 Repaired LH front frame rail. Started LH torquebox/ frame rail repair
1/17/2006 Finish repair of frame at torque box
1/18/2006 Fix hole in top LH door post. Started sandblasting LH engine compartment
1/21/2006 Sandblasted and did detail filler work on LH engine compartment
1/22/2006 Prime remainder of engine compartment
1/24/2006 Started to strip front fenders and upper valance
1/25/2006 Started to tare-down the engine
1/25/2006 Finished tare-down of engine
1/28/2006 Started to strip hood, front stone deflector and continued on fenders
1/28/2006 Finished stripping hood
2/4/2006 Patched hood and sandblasted underside
2/10/2006 Did filler work on hood
2/11/2006 Primed hood, upper valance & upper filler panel
2/14/2006 Dropped engine of for machine work - AC Performance
2/15/2006 Sandblasted inside of RH fender & one trunk hinge
2/18/2006 Finished body work on RH fender
2/20/2006 Stripped, sand blasted and finished body work on trunklid
2/21/2006 Primed RH fender, trunklid, a trunk hinge and side scoops
2/25/2006 Stripped, repaired front and rear valances
2/27/2006 Repaired rear fender extensions
3/3/2006 Ordered door components from VCM
3/4/2006 Primed front & rear valance, front & rear fender extensions and trunk hinges
3/5/2006 Removed front bucket portion of LH fender
3/6/2006 Removed front bucket portion of donor LH fender and trimmed LH fender
3/8/2006 Sandblasted new bucket portion of LH fender, trimmed and tacked in place
3/9/2006 Aligned and welded back section
3/11/2006 Finished metal repair work on LH fender
3/15/2006 Sandblasted and orbital sanded the inside of the LH fender
3/18/2006 Finished bodywork and primed LH fender
3/19/2006 Started to cut holes in LH door
3/21/2006 Repaired shipping damage and repo defects on LH door
3/23/2006 Repaired defect in repo LH door and preped for priming
3/25/2006 Repaired shipping damage to RH door, cut holes and prime both doors
3/26/2006 Sandblasted and rebuilt door hinges
3/27/2006 Primed door hinges
4/1/2006 Started sanding shell
4/2/2006 Repaired defects and finished sanding outside of shell
4/3/2006 Started sanding in engine compartment
4/4/2006 Continued sanding in engine compartment
4/5/2006 Finished sanding the inside of the engine compartment
4/8/2006 Started sanding underside of shell
4/10/2006 Finished sanding underside of shell. Started sanding inside
4/11/2006 Finished sanding inside of shell, excluding trunk
4/12/2006 Finished sanding shell
4/13/2006 Apply primer to spots that need touching up
4/15/2006 Seam-sealed & undercoated shell. Painted factory bare spots on frame rails
4/17/2006 Started Masking shell for priming
4/18/2006 Finished masking shell. Primed exterior of shell
4/19/2006 Had paint mixed. Started masking exterior of shell
4/21/2006 Finish masking exterior of shell
4/22/2006 Primed shell, painted inside and oversprayed undercarriage
4/23/2006 Masked shell and painted engine compartment
4/24/2006 Removed body from rotisserie
4/25/2006 Brought engine home from machine shop, installed crank
4/26/2006 Put rings on pistons
4/27/2006 Installed pistons and timing gears
4/28/2006 Installed heads
4/29/2006 Trial fit doors, fenders & hood. Starting block sanding fenders. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Groovy Green
5/1/2006 Adjusted Left front fender to align with door
5/3/2006 Sanded RH fender. Started sanding hood
5/4/2006 Finished sanding top side of hood. Started sanding upper valance
5/6/2006 Block sanded underside of trunklid and hood. Applied touch-up primer to hood, trunk lid and fenders.
5/10/2006 Block sanded touched-up panels
5/11/2006 Block sand doors
5/13/2006 Prime sanded panels
5/18/2006 Block sanded valance panels, rear extension and side scoops. Started stripping hood scoop
5/20/2006 Prime parts: valance panels, rear extension and side scoops
5/22/2006 Started repair of hood scoop
5/25/2006 Finished repairs on hood scoop
5/27/2006 Block sanded and re-primed valance panels, rear extensions& side scoops. Primed hood scoop
5/29/2006 Started final sanding on doors and hood
5/30/2006 Finished sanding hood and trunklid
5/31/2006 Finished sanding RH fender
6/1/2006 Finished sanding LH fender. Found crack and bubbling which needs to be fixed
6/3/2006 Block sanded and primed hood scoop. Finished sanding on valance panels and applied touch-up primer on all parts except LH fender
6/6/2006 Finished sanding hood scoop. Sanded touch-ups. Needs more touch-ups
6/7/2006 Started sanding shell
6/8/2006 More sanding shell
6/10/2006 Finished sanding shell. Applied touch-up primer on areas that broke through
6/12/2006 Started sanding touch-ups
6/14/2006 Finished sanding headlight extensions
6/15/2006 Replacement LH fender arrive
6/17/2006 Sandblasted, repaired and primed replacment fender
6/18/2006 Primed inside of replacement fender
6/18/2006 Started masking shell for painting
6/19/2006 block sanded replacement fender
6/20/2006 Prime replacment fender, prime hinge hardware and stop plates. Masked shell
6/25/2006 Finish sand LH fender
6/28/2006 Edge Prime/Paint doors, hood, trunklid & window adjuster plates
6/29/2006 Paint bottom of doors (charcoal metallic)
7/1/2006 Apply seamsealer to shell. Finished masking car
7/3/2006 Painted car
7/4/2006 Sanded clear
7/5/2006 Started buffing car
7/6/2006 Finished buffing car
7/8/2006 Installed doors and trunklid. Sandblasted front-end/grill supports
7/13/2006 Sandblasted Hood hinges and catch
7/17/2006 Phoshpate and oiled hinges
7/18/2006 Installed hood & front fenders. Still needs adjusting though
7/22/2006 Masked and repaint LH quarter and RH rear extension
7/24/2006 Sanded and buffed LH rear quarter
7/27/2006 Blacked-out fender extensions and windshield opening
8/2/2006 Started to install the headliner
8/5/2006 Sandblasted parts. Painted headlight buckets
8/7/2006 Started to glue in headliner
8/8/2006 Finished gluing in headliner
8/10/2006 Painted side scoop inserts. Glued-up LH sailpanel
8/11/2006 Glued-up RH sailpanel
8/12/2006 Installed sailpanels. Installed Windshield
8/23/2006 Installed rear window
8/25/2006 Installed roof rail weatherstripping
8/25/2006 Installed rear interior lights, side scoops and rear marker lights
8/26/2006 Restored firewall insulation
8/26/2006 Installed driprails and rear quarter window trim
8/26/2006 Polished all stainless moldings
8/28/2006 Install rear interior trim brackets and rear quarter extensions
8/28/2006 Installed wiper motor and wiper transmission
8/28/2006 Repaired LH windshield pillar molding
8/28/2006 Sandblasted and painted package tray reenforcement
8/29/2006 Painted package tray
8/30/2006 Painted package tray reenforcement
9/1/2006 Assembled and installed side scoops and rear quarter extensions
9/1/2006 Installed carpet & underlayment, a/c box & vents, e-brake, pedal support and firewall insulation
9/1/2006 Installed lower dash assembly
9/2/2006 Connected interior wiring harnesses and a/c vacuum lines
9/2/2006 Installed instrument cluster & radio
9/4/2006 Started repair on rear interior trim panels
9/6/2006 Installed trunk lettering
9/9/2006 Polished glass. Installed master cylinder and steering column
9/11/2006 Installed door handels
9/12/2006 Installed rear valance panel and reverse lights
9/13/2006 Assembled hood scoop
9/14/2006 Installed hood scoop and lower steering column covers
9/16/2006 Sandblasted rear seat back panel and door hardware. Primed rear seat back panel, rear interior trip panels and windshield pillar garnish mouldings.
9/17/2006 Painted rear seat back panel, rear interior trip panels and windshield pillar garnish mouldings.
9/18/2006 Painted door hardware
9/19/2006 install windshield garnesh moldings. Installed antenna
9/20/2006 Cleaned, rebuilt and Installed sunvisors
9/21/2006 Buffed glass, painted door latches, cleaned front window brackets
9/23/2006 Glued door glass in channels, sandblasted and painted door hardware
9/26/2006 Installed door hardware
9/27/2006 Installed RH door and quarter glass
9/28/2006 Installed door latch posts. Assembled LH 1/4 window trim
9/30/2006 Installes rear interior trim
10/1/2006 Installed front and rear seats
10/2/2006 Assembled RH front fender extension
10/3/2006 Assembled LH front fender extension
10/5/2006 Installed RH door panel and related parts
10/7/2006 Glued brackets to LH door glass. Intalled LH chrome remote mirror
10/9/2006 Installed and adjusted LH drivers door glass. Broke beltline weather seal
10/12/2006 Installed LH door panel and new beltline weather seal
10/14/2006 Sandblasted door panel caps. Adjusted door hinges
10/15/2006 Painted door panel caps. Installed front fender extensions
10/16/2006 Installed door panel caps
10/18/2006 Sealed windshiled and rear glass. Installed window mouldings
10/21/2006 Installed upper valance. Sandblasted horns
10/22/2006 Cleaned grill
10/25/2006 Glued in door weatherseals. Installed trunk light
10/28/2006 Install door bottom weather seals, installed misc. engine compartment plugs and hangers. Stripped RH rear dust shield.
10/31/2006 painted inner fender dust shields, bracket, horn and accel. Cable
11/1/2006 Installed inner fender dust shields, a horn, accel cable.
11/4/2006 Sandblasted intake, valve covers, oilpan, water neck, tail light housing, part of rear axle housing.
11/9/2006 Sandlbast rear axle housing, pumpkin, shock plates, brake backing plates
11/11/2006 Painted axle housing and brake backing plates.
11/12/2006 Paint rear shock plates
11/24/2006 sandblasted parts (tail lights, coil spring, brake hardware, front bumper brackets)
11/25/2006 sandblasted parts (coil spring, bumper bracket, sway bar, spring covers, shock caps, e-brake cables). Painted coil springs.
11/26/2006 Painted outside of taillight housing and brake hardware
11/27/2006 Painted e-brake cables and inside of tail light housings
11/28/2006 Painted front bumper brackets
11/29/2006 Big orders from AMK and Virginia Classic Mustang came in. reviewed boxes
11/29/2006 Clean tail light rubber gaskets and aluminum bezels
11/30/2006 Big orders from NPD and Classic Auto Air came in. reviewed boxes
11/30/2006 Glued in trunk weather seal. Installed washer reservior, starter solenoid, voltage regulator, ac vacuum cannistor and decals for trunk, door & fender apron. Assembled and installed 1 tail light.
12/2/2006 sandblasted & painted front pivots and installed bushings. Installed AC condenser. Installed front seatbelts
12/3/2006 welded brackets to lower control arms
12/6/2006 Painted lower control arms and rear shocks. Installed main fuel lines and front/rear brake line.
12/9/2006 painted upper control arms, lower wide grill molding. Installed gas tank, tail light and trunk mat.
12/11/2006 primed pumpkin. Painted hood latch support and coil spring covers
12/12/2006 installed hood latch center support
12/13/2006 painted grill, headlight bezels, shock tower caps & grill center support
12/15/2006 had brake drums turned and new bearings installed on axle shafts
12/15/2006 sandblasted and painted bumper to valance brackets and front license plate brackets
12/16/2006 Sandblasted and painted axle shafts. Assembled rest of nose.
12/18/2006 Assembled rear brakes. Wrong parts prevent front from being done
12/19/2006 Installed main brake and fuel lines
12/21/2006 Installed front brake lines
12/23/2006 Installed front suspension, less RH coil spring
12/27/2006 Assembled rear axle housing.
12/29/2006 Installed rearend,leaf springs and related items. Installed exhaust hangers.
12/30/2006 Rebuilt Idler arm. Sandblasted and cleared tie rod hardware
12/31/2006 Installed front steering linkage. Installed RH coil spring.
1/6/2007 sandlbasted rear brake drums and 2 rims
1/8/2007 painted rear brake drums
1/9/2007 Painted 2 rims. Assembed front brakes to backing plates. Installed coil spring covers
1/11/2007 Received correct transmission
1/11/2007 Removed steering wheel and passangers pod from other car
1/11/2007 Assembled new dash pad and set it in place.
1/13/2007 Intalled dash pad, steering wheel & rview mirror. Installed front brakes
1/16/2007 Rebuilt front steering ram
1/18/2007 Filled rearend with oil. Undercoated rear wheel wells. Installed rear wheels
1/20/2007 Painted battery tray & reenforcement. Continued engine assembly.
1/23/2007 Primed valve covers and oil pan
1/25/2007 Set valve lash, installed valve covers, oil pump and oil pan
1/27/2007 painted swaybar, finished assembly and installed steering ram. Installed thermostat housing on engine. Dismantled transmision
1/30/2007 started cleaning grease off transmission housing
2/3/2007 beadblast and painted transmission housings and covers
2/6/2007 clean transmission case and parts. Ready for rebuild
2/10/2007 assembled transmission except for control valve section
2/14/2007 finished trans rebuild. Installed sill plates and sway bar. Intalled trunk mat
2/17/2007 sandblasted bellhousing, a/c brackets & pulleys, PS bracket, PS pump, lower rad brackets, distributor base, water pump pulley and fan spacer.
2/19/2007 Rebuilt and painted PS pump. Painted AC idler pulleys, bellhousing and distributor base.
2/20/2007 installed NOS RH medallion and Cigarette lighter. Paint AC brackets and buck tag
2/21/2007 sandblasted and dismantle AC compressor. Installed lower rad brackets. Painted fan pulley
2/22/2007 Assembled AC compressor, but not clutch
2/24/2007 Sandblasted p/s pulley, ps mounting plate, alt brackets, lower crossmember, fan, ps hose brackets & ebrake hardware. Painted AC compressor, ps mounting plate, carb spacer & alt brackets.
2/26/2007 Painted fan, ps hose brackets and upper rad bracket
2/27/2007 Mailed out seatbelts and dipstick tubes
2/27/2007 painted tubular cross member, oil filler cap and AC clutch
3/2/2007 Dismantled and painted carb. Painted ebrake parts
3/3/2007 Sandblasted & painted front brake drums, harmonic balancer & crank pulley. Sandblasted throttle bracket, trans crossmember. Assembled carb.
3/5/2007 Installed front brake drums
3/10/2007 Sandblasted motor mount brackets, rear bumper brackets, shock tower braces, trans kick down rod, shifter base, breather base and snorkel. Painted engine mount brackets and rear bumper brackets.
3/12/2007 Painted trans crossmember, kick down rod and motor mount brackets
3/14/2007 Installed tubular brace and engine to frame brackets
3/17/2007 Installed hood moulding & ebrake hardware. Sandlblasted misc small parts
3/18/2007 Phosphated hood latch & catch, throttle bracket & coil bracket
3/19/2007 Installed hood latch & catch
3/24/2007 Painted engine and breather
3/26/2007 Started installing parts on engine, found AC wrong for engine
3/27/2007 Ordered new AC compressor mounts
3/28/2007 Installed more parts on engine.
3/29/2007 Painted and installed dipstick tube
4/3/2007 Installed PS pump, AC compressor and brackets
4/4/2007 Install rear bumper and trunk lock
4/7/2007 sanblasted and painted exhaust manifolds and disptick
4/9/2007 Installed alternator and exhaust manifolds on engine
4/17/2007 Warranty plate and owners card came in
4/20/2007 Seat belts came in from Snake-oyl
4/20/2007 Dismantled starter & shifter asby
4/21/2007 Installed engine
4/25/2007 Tires came in
4/25/2007 Installed radiator. Started heater hoses
4/27/2007 Sandblasted & painted drive shaft, installed AC lines, rad hoses, fan and fan shroud.
4/28/2007 Assembled shifter, assembled driveshaft, installed starter, installed exhaust system. Found driveshaft was wrong. Engine won't turn over. Torque conv installed wrong.
4/30/2007 Installed shifter base, roofrail seatbelts and waranty plate
5/3/2007 Went to Rustic in Peru looking for driveshaft. None found
5/3/2007 Fixed torque conv. Install problem. Painted shifter bezel
5/5/2007 Installed PS hoses. Sandblast 3 wheels.
5/7/2007 Started engine for the first time. Had to clean new points. Painted face of 3 wheels.
5/8/2007 Installed driveshaft. Added extra gaskets to BU lights. Painted backs of wheels. Ran car for 20 minutes.
5/9/2007 Rebuilt and installed wipers. Installed fuses

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