1969 Mustang Limited Edition 600 Coupe
front view Options:
  • 200-1V engine
  • C-4 Automatic trans
  • Manual drum brakes
  • Manual Steering
  • Non-funtional Hood Scoop
  • Chrome Remote Mirror
  • AM radio
  • Tape stripe
I got this one for $4500 off from E-bay. It is an original Flower Power Red (Orange) Limited Edition 600 Mustang coupe that was part of a special promotion that was held in the Philadelphia area in Spring of 1969 to coinside with Ford's Spring national Mustang Stampede. This car is one of only 508 cars producted for the promotion. This car is a typical example of the cars that were sold during the promotion. A majority of them were six cylinder coupes with no options aside from the Hood Scoop, Chrome remote mirror and tape stripes. They were only available in Orange or Bright Lime Green (Groovy Green). I bought this car to be the orange companion to the my other Limited Edition 600 which is bright lime green.

To learn more about this little known promotion visit the
Limited Edition 600 Website provided by Donald Hughmanick. If you have a Limited Edition 600 Mustang, please register it at his site or let me know about it.
rear view
This particular one was originally owned by a Philadelphia shcool teacher (Susan Korff), who bought it new from Berglund Ford of Camden, NJ on July 29,1969. She sold it on August 25,2005 to a person named Vone Vone (really !) of Philadelphia. Vone Vone sold it to Daniel Spang of Rockledge, PA (just outside of Philly) in November of 2005. Dan listed and sold the car on e-bay on November 12, 2005. On November 20th I trailered it back to Vermont, which is probably the farthest it has ever traveled from Philadelphia.

I'm not going to do a lot with this car as far as restoration work is concerned for quite some time. I will clean it up a little and drive it to shows just as an example of another Limited Edition 600.

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