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The Mach Pit This site specializes in 1969 and 1970 Mustangs only. It has maybe the largest comprehensive online photo database of 69/70 Mustangs.
'69 Dark Horse
The 69-70 Mustang Supersite! A 69/70 Boss Mustang site
1967 Convertible
Dave's 1966 Mustang Tech Site
1965-1973 Classic Mustangs
The 1969 Mustang
CF Mustang
Mustang Mach I's
Cool Mustang Restorations
Mustang Pow Wow Mustang VIN decoders
Mustang pic22
Mustang Research Letter
Mustang Restorations!
Other Mustang-Ford Web Sites
MotorCity vendors

Suppliers of Restoration Parts and Supplies
National Parts Depot a good source for Mustang restoration supplies
The Paddock another source for Mustang parts
Dallas Mustang
San Dimas Mustang
Mac's Antique Auto Parts
Mustangs Plus
Metro Mustang
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Restoration Services
K.A.R Auto Group This appears to be a really classy outfit. They buy and sell Classic Mustangs. They have a professional restoration business. They have several series of restoration pictures online.
FoMoCo Obsolete This site hasa great forum
Marti Auto a source for authentic waranty tags, ID tags and documentation for your Mustang
Cover Cars
First Mustang Club Of Germany
Classic Mustang Parts of Oklahoma
Mustang Monthly Cover Page
Mustang Club of Western Maryland