1969 Mustang SportRoof
Prior to taredown Options:
  • 302CID engine
  • 2bbl carb
  • 3-spd Manual trans
  • Power Steering
  • Manual drum brakes
  • AM radio
I got this one for $1000. Apparently it was recovered from a North Carolina salvage yard where all of the nose components, the motor, the front seats and the dashpad were removed. It made it to Vermont were the nose, a motor and a dashpad were added. Also a pair of seats out of a 68 Mustang were stuffed inside it. At one point in its life a green vinyl top was installed.
Flying Car Non-Original Equip:
  • 1977 Ford 302CID
  • 1966 C4 Auto Trans
  • Auto Trans linkage
  • 1968 Mustang seats
  • 1973 rear diff
  • RH front brake drum
Here it is totally dismantled. I started the restoration on this staging prior to getting a rotisserie.
Here it is all painted and ready for assembly
Almost Done
Here it is all assembled. I have posted lots of pictures of this project on line. Just follow the next link and enjoy !

Look at the restoration process.

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