1958 Thunderbird
  • 332CID engine
  • 4bbl Holley carb
  • Auto trans
  • Power steering
  • Power brakes
  • Power windows
The price on this car was $1500. I had the car for a year. It originally came from an auction in Mass. The owner had put a completely new suspension in it. Along with a new gas tank, a new exhaust system, a new radiator and new tires. It ran beautifully. One interesting note was that attached to the floor behind the front seats was four chrome Eyebolts. These may have been attachments for seatbelts.
The previous owner had started to repair the body by welding repair panels over the rust. The 58 T-bird is a unibody car. Only the doors, hood and trunklid can be removed. The rust holes in the unibody were everywhere any very difficult to get at and to repair. The work that was already done would have to be removed. To add to the expense, the car needed a new interior. The dashpad alone would be over $500. Investigation of the motor yielded 1959 date codes (the motor was not origninal). After calculating the expenses to restore the car I decided it was to much for me to afford. I sold the car to my brother. After dismantling it he decided it was too much work to repair the rust and he sold it.

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